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ERTL 3D Thomas Carrying Case

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This Thomas case isn't a total waste ...


If you have read some of my other toy reviews, you already know that my son, Justin, is a huge Thomas The Tank Engine fan.  Being such a fan, he has accumulated many Die cast trains which require sufficient space to store them all in. For his fourth birthday, the **ERTL 3D Thomas Carrying Case **was given to him as a gift.  He loved it but, when it comes to storage, it doesn't hold very much.  **The Carrying Case** This hard plastic Thomas-shaped case holds up to 14 trains in 10 separate compartments.  It is recommended for children ages 3 and up. **My Experience** On a positive note, this plastic carrying case is very colorful and is a decent replica of Thomas the Tank Engine. It is a durable case, holds up to 14 trains and is catchy to the eye of youngsters. On a not so positive note, there is a latch on the right hand side by Thomas's head to snap the case open or closed.  This latch is difficult even for me to use.  My son could not do it at age four and at age five he could with assistance only.  It is a good thing that the trains are securely kept in place but not so good at allowing your child to feel independent.  The case itself is quite heavy and when you add the Die cast trains to it, it becomes much more heavy. I did worry that my son might get injured if he dropped it on his foot so I didn't really allow him to use it too freely without me around. My son used it now and then but wasn't too thrilled with it after awhile for some reason.  After two years, we still have the case and it is worn a bit.  Some of the paint has chipped off and the sticker on the number one has ripped but for the most part, it is intact. **My Final Viewpoint**   The **ERTL 3D Thomas Carrying Case **has its good points and its not so good points.  I actually would recommend it as long as your child is a bit older than the 3 years that the manufacturer recommends.  I give this case a 3 star rating because I don't really feel that it is much more than an average product.


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ERTL 3D Thomas Carrying Case

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