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ERGObaby Sport Baby Carrier

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Not fall tall curvy parents


Not good for tall women with curves. I purchased this to use with my then 3 month old since I was looking for a structured carrier for overseas trips we were taking. We do y use a stroller and were looking for an alternative to our solu wrap. For reference I am 5'10 and around 200 pounds and my husband is about the same in height and weight. No matter how we adjusted this carrier we could never get comfortable. We also found it difficult to put on solo. We used a fabric wrap or the classic baby bjorn wrap daily and found both of those much more comfortable. When we returned home we quickly sold this wrap and purchased another brand that is easier to put on, far more comfortable to wear, kept our baby cooler and overall is much easier. Skip this brand if you are tall or curvier.


Beaumont, CA


Great Carrier - less strain on your back


This is the best carrier in all the ones that I've tried. It really distributes the weight of your child so he/she is much easier to carry and much easier on your back. I love the padded shoulder straps and the extra pocket in the front for keys. The sun cover is a great bonus. Safety Overall seems very secure. Getting my child into the piggyback position seemed a little less secure, but once she was in, it was fine. Baby's Comfort My baby seemed comfortable in all positions, but there is no option for baby facing front. I know some babies prefer facing front. Parents' Comfort I started with a Baby Bjorn which was great but my back started to hurt after carrying the baby around for a while. With the Ergo, I could carry my baby around all day and it would not strain my back. Ease of Use Very easy to use, just put on the shoulder straps and a couple buckles. Design I love the design, easy to use and very secure. I also love that it is made of fabric so it is comfortable against your skin during the summer. Durability I put this through the wash several times and it is holding up very well




Don't know what I did without this for baby #1!


We don't go anywhere without the Ergo! Still using it with comfort at 13 months old, and my husband wears it, too. Much more comfortable than a traditional front carrier once baby gets to be 15 lbs. or so because it distributes the load across the hips and has a very comfortable lumbar strap. I wouldn't have been able to grocery shop with two kids without it before he could sit up in the cart, and it's so light and portable, it is easy to bring anywhere we go. On the go means no nap? The Ergo is your new nap spot! Just take some time at the outset to learn how to use it properly and you'll be very happy with it.


Clarksville, TN


The Cadilac of Baby Carriers!


I absolutely love my Ergo Sport, and would recommend it to anyone. If I ever have anothIt er baby, I hope to purchase another one. The one that I have is perfectly durable, and I would expect it to last through many children. The only reason why I would want another one is because of all the adorable styles that they offer. I particularly like one of the Petunia Pickle Bottom designs that they offer. This has helped on many walks, outings such as hikes and zoo, and shopping trips. I Safety As far as safety, you can do your own research, but I am confident that Ergo offers only the very best in safety ratings, and with reinforced stitching. It allows your child to be in a sitting position, thus offering the best available in ergonimically correctness, and protecting their spinal and hip alignment. It is also the safest way to carry the baby- for the parent. Baby's Comfort My baby has always been a cuddle bug. I will always treasure the times that we were able to cuddle up by using the Ergo. Parents' Comfort It was always much easier to hold her in the Ergo or Moby than to simply carry her in my arms. I don't quite understand why, but I know it is true. Ease of Use I love how it just a matter of a couple of buckles, and you are ready to go. I never did conquer putting it on the back carry position by myself, but I know many of my friends who did. I honestly just gave up too quickly b/c we were usually good to go with the front carry anyway. Design I love that it isn't extremely girly, so a guy theoretically wouldn't mind wearing it. Durability As I stated before, I expect it to last for many children.


Nashville, IN


So Comfortable, made baby feel lighter!


I got the Ergo Sport after reading hundreds of posts from people who loved their Ergo carriers on Baby Center. The high price was a bit of a deterrent- but when I found it for almost half price on Baby Steals, I had to get one for myself! My son was almost 17 pounds when we got this, well over the recommended 15 pound maximum for our Moby and MobyD wraps. I had several slings, but he was feeling too heavy in those. This carrier is wonderful! If possible, my baby feels lighter when I use this compared to a sling carrier or just holding him on my hip. The Ergo is so much better than the Baby Bjorn carriers, my son's weight is on his bottom, and he isn't dangling in the carrier! The Ergo Sport comes with a hood that comes out of its own pocket to cover baby's head when the weather is too windy or rainy or sunny! I love that my son is comfortable in this carrier, and I can put him in and out with out anyone helping me, and have been able to do so in the front carry since I got the carrier! The back carry is a little more tricky, and I do need help putting him in that. We haven't tried the hip carry yet. Safety He's safe and I'm happy! Dr recommended over the dangling carriers on the market- baby bojrn, etc. Parents' Comfort At over 30 lbs, I can wear my son on my back, and he's safe, happy and not heavy to the point of being uncomfortable! Ease of Use It takes some practice with the back carry, but easy once you get the hang of it. Durability Washes well, no wear spots after 1 year!


Westwego, LA


Best carrier, totally worth the money spent!


I have the original Ergo carrier and when they came out with the sport I was excited to try it out. I love this carrier. Its very easy to put on, at first I needed my husbands help since I was use to the original but after a few attempts I am able to do it all by myself. I find it more comfortable then the original, the straps are longer and my larger husband is able to wear our 7 month old comfortably. I love being able to have my hands free and do things around the house, when we are out an about and the baby is happy as can be. No back pain when I take him out and I can still carry my 3 yr old around on my back too! I would recommend this carrier to anyone and I always give great reviews.


Baltimore, MD


Ergo is great for the back!


With my first two children, we always used the bjorn. it felt like they lived in that thing for the first few months, but then after they reached about 15 pounds, they started to feel like I was carrying around a 5 year old! It would hurt my back so bad. So with the birth of our third child, we decided to get an Ergo. We had the newborn insert, which we actually didnt like at all, but once our son was about 4 months old, we started using the ergo, and what a difference from the bjorn! No back pain! It felt so easy to carry him around. I could really tell that it was distributing my weight correctly, and I didnt feel tugging in my shoulders, or pain in my back, and it made him feel very light (which he was not!). The downside-once he become curious about the world, it really bothered him to be strapped in and facing me only. He really would have preferred to face outward, and now that he is 9 months old, he screams when I put him in the Ergo. He wants to be looking out. I think that it can be worn on my back, but I havent tried it yet. I would recommend this product, but for us, the life of it was very short, and if we would have purchased new, I think I would have been dissapointed, considering how costly they are. Thankfully, we bought it used, in great shape.


Huntington Beach, CA


Step up from my old carrier!


With #2 coming in the summer, I wanted a new carrier that was lightweight but still had enough support for my back. My last carrier was a Lascal M1 and even though my daughter was well within the weight maximum and it had lumbar support, it did a number on my back those first few months after delivery. I had heard SO many great reviews on the Ergo style carriers and did some looking at other brands. Finally I spotted a great deal on a popular bargins site directed at mothers and snatched one up. The waist band is slightly larger then the classic style Ergo, which is great for me since I carry a bit of padding around the middle. The straps were comfy, as well as the waist and my daughter (1.5 years old) seemed to love it! It really didn't feel like I was carrying an extra 20lbs on my back. The back carry is a bit difficult to get started with, and I'm sure I'll have a bit of trouble getting an infant to get comfortable (in summer) but over all my husband and I love it!


Corona, CA


The best baby carrier!


I LOVE the ergo baby carrier. It's so comfortable and my baby actually likes being in it. I also own the moby wrap and baby bjorn. With the moby wrap, it was onerous to put on and my baby often didn't like going in it. With the bjorn, it was starting to get uncomfortable on my shoulders (baby is 15lbs) and my baby didn't want to be in it for too long. Often she would cry after just being put in it. With the ergo carrier, my baby loves being in it and stays in it for a much longer time that the other ones. The first day I put her in it, I wore her twice for about 75 minutes each time until I felt like putting her down. She didn't fuss at all. Plus, it was easy to put on. I haven't yet figured out the side and back positions, but I also haven't really tried to learn how to do them.


Ann Arbor, MI


Ergo Sport is a "must have" for any parent


My husband and I have been using the Ergo Sport since our now 11-month-old was just an infant. The quality is excellent and I really like the Sport edition since it's lighter weight and more breathable, which is a huge plus when carrying around a little furnace! We used the carrier with the infant insert and now use it the positions for a toddler (on my front, hip or back). Not only does this form of baby-wearing promote "attachment parenting", it also helps free up your hands to get things done. When our little would have a hard time settling, I would put him in it on my front and vacuum and he would fall asleep every time. We have the Baby Bjorn too, and although that carrier was helpful in allowing my hands to be free, it made my back sore after just a short time and also seemed to be uncomfortable for our baby, who just hung there. In the Ergo, our baby is snug and cradled in the infant insert, or as a toodler, he's in a position like I would normally carry him with my hands, but hands free. The design and simple black color is also great for dads to wear. The only con is that it was a little tricky trying to figure out how to get our baby in each of the position the first few times. I recommend viewing the online demonstration videos and having a second pair of hands to assist until you get the hang of it.


Seattle, WA


ERGObaby Sport Baby Carrier

4.7 10