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EOS Summer Fruit Lip Balm

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Not as Good as I Expected...


Ever since I tried EOS's wonderful shaving cream, I decided to try a little bit of their lip balm, too - it was prettily shaped, interesting, and quite unique at the same time. Because it is usually dry in our little Orange County, California suburb, it's hard for me to keep my lips from chapping or peeling, especially in the summer and during the cold, dry, and harsh winters (believe me, it does get cold and rainy here in California). However, I wasn't too impressed by my EOS Summer Fruit lip balm. While it has a pleasing, fruity smell - a rather interesting bouquet of warm plums, peaches, and nectarines - the actual moisturizing ability of this lip balm was nil to none. It didn't really soften or smooth my dry lips, and in fact, they still felt sort of dry, even after several hours and reapplications. It does have a less acrid, castor-oil flavor than most other lip balms, and is easier to apply, much more stylish (semi-spherical shape), and easier to use-plus-store, yet for me, it just didn't deliver that soft-lips comfort that I crave. What was also a downer was that this is not cheap, not one bit - it's actually quite expensive, so in a way, it's really not worth the money. It might be pretty for your purse though, but that's about all.

Fullerton, CA


Plastic or Fruit?


This lip balm was not very moistorizing, nor did it smell good. It smelled so much like plastic and after awhile thats all it was. PLASTIC. It made my lips feel dirty but most lipbalms dont work either. I do not reccomend this.

Houston, TX


EOS Lip Balm is fantastic!


So I got this after hearing a positive review from a blog I read and I LOVE this stuff! It's a big weird getting used to the round design, but it lasts and moisturizes your lips well and for a long time. Plus, it smells, tastes good =D

Pinehurst, TX


EOS makes lip balm fun and innovative


I purchased the EOS lip balm because it was free with coupons at my local convenience store. I really like the fun unique shape of the EOS packaging. The round ball-like shape is unlike any other lip balm I have used. It felt a little funny at first trying to apply the lip balm, but I got used to it and have even grown to like it. EOS make the only lip balm that enables you to apply lip balm to your upper and lower lip at the same time. The EOS lip balm is also easier to find in my purse because its shape is so unique. The only drawback to me was how quickly the EOS balm needed to be reapplyed. I felt like it did not last as long as other lip products I have tried. I also found the smell to be little overpowering and smelled the tropical fruit smell everywhere I went. I would buy EOS lip balm in the future, but I would like to try a different scent or flavor. The lemon looked like it would not be as strong smelling.

Loveland, OH


EOS summer fruit lip balm is fun, functional, and smells great!


I first tried an EOS lip balm several months ago when they had fresh mint. While I like mint, and this lip balm lasts forever, I was excited to try a new scent. EOS did not disappoint. When I found summer fruit lip balm on sale I bought one. It was fun to have a new fresh scent (and a new color for my preschooler to play with when bored at church or doctor's for a minute or two). I like that it is all natural. The packaging says that it is 100% natural and 95% organic, and while that isn't always a high priority for me (I buy what works that doesn't harm...), it is definitely a plus. You don't want just anything on your lips. The scent is exciting and new, though makes me start to crave summer fruits like melons and berries. Yum! My kids like it too. This isn't something I worry about putting on their lips because I know exactly what is in it, so if they lick it off (it does smell that good!) it's not going to hurt them. As it says on the package, "with shea butter and jojoba oil for happy, moist, super-smooth lips". Works as promised. I recommend this lip balm.

Kansas City, MO


EOS Summer Fruit Lip Balm

3.4 5