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ENJOY Creamy Pomade

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Enjoy is the best pomade


Enjoy Creamy Promade Non-Creamy, moveable texture, soft hold is the best pomade available. Great for smoothing, control and texture. It allows to get a nice sleek style for work but also works to create the funky going out on the town style. It eliminates frizz on that hard to control hair. I love the fact that your hair does not look greasy like some pomades leave it. It also gives your your hair a nice shine. It controls static and those fly away hairs that can ruin your hair day. It takes very little to create a great style so it goes far and last a long time. It also has a fresh smell that is awesome. I use it when I flat iron my hair to make it have a great sleek shine and also when I let it go curly to calm down the curls and frizz. You may want to use more but with this product less in definately better and all you need. It is available only at professional hair salon but it is worth the money.

Cascade, IA


I really do Enjoy "Enjoy"!


I am a hair product junkie! I like my hair to look a certain way each day, and I rely on hair products to help me accomplish my "look". I have tried many of the pomades that are on the market, and I have never really found that "just right" one that I was looking for. It seems that most pomades on the market are so sticky and gross. Once I tried Enjoy though, I was sold! This is a really great, non greasy product that isn't too sticky for me to manage. I also like that it isn't greasy - which is great to make sure that my hair isn't too greasy looking once the product is applied. The best part about this product not being too greasy or sticky is that you can't tell it's been used! I hate it when it is obvious that lots of product has been used! I want hair that is soft and manageable while still holding the volume and style that I want and this product does just that! What a great product that I will forever use!

Manchester, IA


Finally- a styling product that isn't greasy!


I have tried all kinds of styling products but I have rejected all of them for one reason or another.  Mousse products are sticky and I can't tell a big difference in my hair while using them.  Pastes are way too greasy and make me feel as though I hadn't bothered to wash my hair.  Gels are too "60s" for me [think, "Dippity Do"] and plaster more than enhance.  Feeling this way you can imagine my reaction to my hairdresser when she suggested I try **ENJOY's Creamy Pomade**.  I expressed my feelings and she said to take it home and if I didn't like it to bring it back- no questions asked.  I am happy that I took her up on the suggestion.This product has a light lemon scent and is a joy to use.  Just unscrew the lid, tap your fingers on the product and then rub it in your hands until it emulsifies.  Apply to your hair to smooth loose hairs, to style, to control fizz and texture the hair.  This non-greasy pomade allows the hair to stay in place while at the same time giving it a soft hold.My hair never feels dirty or greasy when I use it and I can still add a light spray of hairspray if I feel the desire to do so.  I have finally found a hair styling product that brings me out of the 70s and into the 21st century...

Northern, FL


ENJOY Creamy Pomade

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