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EGO Electric Lawn Mower

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Economical, lightweight, quiet and great warranty


This lawnmower is great! It runs on a battery that charges quickly and can be used in this brand's leaf blower, string trimmer, and many other lawn care tools. This saves you gas and the inconvenience of running to get gas before mowing. It is much quieter than a conventional lawn mower and is likely better for the environment. The battery is powerful enough to mow my average suburban lawn and backyard as well as powering my Ego string trimmer without a break to charge. It has a 5 year warranty and additional batteries can be bought separately. This cost more than the average mower, but what average mower comes with such a warranty and runs off of such a cheap energy source? I am very pleased with my purchase.



Mom Hack!


I am a full time working mother of 2 small boys and a 10,000 sq ft lawn to maintain. I used a Toro 22" Recycler for the longest time, but I don't have time to keep up with the maintenance. The only maintenance that I do on the Ego mower is clean out the bottom of the mower each week, and charge the battery! This self propelled mower is really easy to use. You push the bottom and go! It's quiet, so I can still hear my boys playing in the yard. I'm able to cut my 10,000 sq ft yard 2 1/2 times with one charge on the battery. When you adjust the height on the mower, it raises and lowers all four wheels! No more uneven cuts! There isn't a lot of weight to the mower, so on the bumpier parts of my lawn I slow down the mower, so it doesn't bounce off and on the grass. This mower is worth every penny spent!

Northwest Suburbs, Illinois


EGO Electric Lawn Mower

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