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EDGE Tech Corp M-Edge Prodigy Jacket for Amazon Kindle 2

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Very Durable.


I have this Edge Tech Corp M-Edge Prodigy Jacket for my Kindle Second Generation, but instead of Pebbled Purple, I have it in Lime Green. It is made of leather with a very soft interior. I love the pockets inside for a book light, notes, etc. I have had this case for four years and taken my Kindle with me in various bags, and this leather case has no visible wear to it. It is stylish and has is a style that will never be irrelevant. I love how the leather matches with so many bags and wallets I have. This case has two plastic hooks that click right in to your Kindle in addition to two flaps at the corner that fit over the two outer corners of the Kindle. I feel like the Kindle is very safe and secure, but I can remove it with ease if I need to. If you have a Kindle Second Generation, I really do not think there is a better case out there than this Edge Tech Corp M-Edge Prodigy Jacket.

Woodville, OH


EDGE Tech Corp M-Edge Prodigy jacket keeps kindle cozy!


I bought this jacket for my kindle shortly after it was given to me as a gift. It's almost like a little suit case for your kindle! I especially love the purple color <3 I also bought the light that you can add to the jacket, it was a bit pricey but works great at night when you don't want to keep your loved ones up with your reading! It also has a couple of pockets on the left inside cover (for papers, etc.) I travel a lot (because I am in the Navy) so my kindle tends to travel with me and this jacket is the perfect addition to it. It's also extremely light weight. I would recommend this for anyone who has purchased a kindle. I believe this company makes a few different models!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hampton, VA


M-Edge Jacket is pretty in purple


So you've invested in a Kindle. Hopefully you didn't drop it like I did before realizing that something with a 6" LCD screen really should have a case! If you want an attractive leather cover for your e-reader, the M-Edge Prodigy Jacket will do the trick. It closes and has space for an optional nightlight and a few flat pockets on the left side of the jacket. It's basic and nice to have, especially if you like to test out gravity with your Kindle every once in a while. It would have been better, though, if the little tab on the right edge could be tucked out of the way. This tab seems like it could pull apart from the case easily.

Cardiff By The Sea, CA


Prodigy Jacket is attractive and provides protection


The reasons why I bought the M-Edge Prodigy Jacket are as follows: it's leather, a compatible light could be added, I like how it looks. I chose purple because I like the color. This purple looks kind of brownish. In low light it looks brown. Bright light leaves no doubt that it is purple. I like leather. That's probably not a politically correct preference, but I like it and always will. The light is a big deal. So is the fact that it is self storing. Convenience is always good. It's a handsome cover in an executive sort of way. I'm good with executive. I like things like suits and briefcases and such. The interior lining is not leather. It's some sort of suede fabric that is probably made of nylon. The color is silvery gray. One is supposed to be able to fold the cover back on itself for reading comfort. When I do this, however, the suede fabric stretches so tightly along the fold that, knowing fabric as I do (I know fabric), I'm certain it will eventually break down if I do, so I don't. The rumor mill is more certain about it. So says the mill that if one makes a habit of folding the cover back, it puts so much strain on the mounting hinge that the thing eventually breaks loose and cracks the Kindle casing in the process. When the light is added to the cover, it causes the cover's alignment to shift so that, when closed, the outside edges do not align (see photo of front cover with light). This concerns me somewhat because, if I were to drop the unit and it were to land along that edge, there's a possibility of the Kindle taking a direct contact hit. That's what cases are supposed to protect from. I still like the case. It is comfortable to hold, though I make a point of keeping my hands off the suede fabric so it doesn't end up looking grungy. The self storing light is very nice. The Kindle stays firmly attached (though the elastic straps love to slip off).  

Appleton, WI


EDGE Tech Corp M-Edge Prodigy Jacket for Amazon Kindle 2

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