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ECHO Gas, Blower, 135 MPH/390 CFM Blower, PB-250 (Echo)

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One of the best handheld blowers


ECHO PB250LN blower These echo pb250 are great blowers compared to the average $99 leaf blower. It might cost $50 more, but I think it will last you way longer! I bought this blower after my $99 Ryobi handheld blower vac's engine blew up after a year or so of ownership, but it had been having trouble starting for months. It's like night and day. Using this blower starts up in 1 to 3 pulls cold or 1 pull when its warm Pros/features *Super easy starting *Durable *Over a year old with no problems whatsoever *Translucent gas tank *The blower tubes have never come loose or fallen off! *Nice and powerful *Comfortable and ergonomic Definitely a home run for ECHO! Cons: *I don't notice it being "low noise." Just saying Overall, a really solid leaf blower! 5 out of 5 stars!

Malcolm Rufus


ECHO Gas, Blower, 135 MPH/390 CFM Blower, PB-250 (Echo)

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