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E-Z Squeeze
E-Z Squeeze Tube Squeezer Toothpaste Dispenser

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Works as advertised


This is a very simple concept, but one that I am happy to have on the market! This E-Z Squeeze Tube Squeezer allows you to get every last ounce out of your tube of toothpaster. It is hard sometimes to get as much as you want to out of your toothpaste. Sometimes it is all if not impossible to squueze out everything that is actually in there. This invention is great because it lets you get all of your money's worth. It easily slips on to your tube and as you are using what is left of the paste, it can be pushed along until all of the toothpaste is gone. It may seem somewhat ridiculous to some, but the money saver inside of me loves using everything that my hard earned money has paid for! I would fo sure recommend this to a friend who wants to squeeze every last bit out of their toothpaste tubes as well. A smart and creative invention that does not break the bank. What an idea!

Stanton, CA


Squeezes every ounce of your product out, no wasting!


I actually never thought I would love these little tube squeezer thingys as much as I do, LOL. The **E-Z Squeeze Tube Dispenser** is great for tubes of toothpaste, facewash, facial masks, anything in a tube, you can use this thing with. What I really love about the **E-Z Squeeze Tube Dispenser** is the fact that your not wasting anything. LOL, my dad has always been mindful on wasting anything, he had a hard upbringing and didn't have much as  kid. So wasting Anything was always out of the question, he would pick up an unbent Staple, and use it, LOL. He has, I've seen him. I would say "Seriously Dad?" then he would start raving about how that staple was a whole two cents sitting on the floor, lol. I should get him some of these tube squeezer things, LOL. Not only myself, but I have seen my brother and mom and sister do it to. We will cut open the empty container bottles to scrape out the very last of whatever wonder product we had in them, trying to salvage that very last little bit. LOL NO MORE! Just pop one of these babies onto the end of your tube and wind away! It pushes the remaining product up towards the opening and no more folding little tube ends into ridiculously tight creases, LOL. It comes off easily after you are done and is ready for the next tube. Such a dedicated worker. We could use some employees like this! I found mine at Big Lots, in a value pack. There's two in the package, for a whole two bucks.

Center of the Earth, CA


E-Z Squeeze Tube Squeezer Toothpaste Dispenser

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