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E-R-O Ear Wax Removal System

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it works, but it's messy


So I go to the ear doctor a few years back and he tells me I have a wax build-up problem and proceeds to remove it.  It felt like he was pulling my brain out my ears!  It hurt like crazy.  You know how when some sound bugs someone they might say, "It made my ears bleed"?  Well, I think this might have in reality.  He told me that I could avoid this in the future by using this ERO stuff.  I was willing to try anything after that.  So he told me to use it once every two months (and later it was working so well that he said I could go three months).  What you do is put about 7 drops in your ear and let it sit for about 10 minutes and then dump it out and do the other ear.  You do that twice a day for three or four days.  It seems to really work because when I went back to the doctor a month or so ago (a different doctor that hadn't seen my ears before) he said they looked nice and clear.  Two drawbacks:  the drops are REALLY hard to squeeze out of the bottle.  I guess the stuff is thick.  You almost have to have someone else do it for you.  Also, it kind of leaves a wet waxy feel inside your ears while you are actively using it.  I keep drying them out throughout the day with a tissue.  But that only lasts while you are actually using the product.  The rest of the 3-month period, it's just normal.  So if you have a problem with too much wax in your ears, you might want to try this for maintenance.

Talihina, OK


E-R-O Ear Wax Removal System

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