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Dyson DC44


The Dyson DC 44 has a trigger that must be held down with your finger the entire time you are vacuuming. In my opinion, this is not a good feature and should be written on the outside of the box. I would not have bought the vacuum if I had known that before I decided to buy it. Also, the rechargeable battery doesn't hold the charge after about a year of use. Due to this situation, I would never buy another expensive Dyson. Any of the other brands I have had in the past are as good or better than the Dyson and you could buy 4 of them instead of one Dyson.

Jackson, Ms


Great site for vacuums


I have enjoyed the thought of a cordless vacuum, and I was pleased to find Dyson ones available on their website. But when I got there, i found that it was only an information sight. I found a lot of valuable information, but I needed to find a store to actually buy a vacuum. Ease of Use Once you find a particular vacuum, it is very easy to find a lot of good information on them. But it is hard to find the different types of vacuums to be able to narrow down which one you want to buy. It would be nice if they had a comparison page that clearly laid out the different options in a simple way without needing to look at all the information on each one. Product Selection It would be very helpful if they actually sold vacuums online. The information available is helpful, but it would be very nice if they had the products for sale online. Shipping and Returns Since they don't sell stuff online, there are no shipping and return costs.




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