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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Dyson DC17 Asthma & Allergy Upright Vacuum

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This Dyson is awesome!!! I love it. I have allergies and pets and I have had this same vacuum for 10 years. I recently purchased a Dyson Animal and gave this one to my in-laws. We have only had to have it serviced once when a belt broke. Get suction and excellent vacuum. Durability 10 years and still going strong!!!




DC17 best vacuum I've used


The one I'm reviewing is a refurbished unit.  It came very clean and looked new.  Refurbished units only come with a six month warranty vs. a five year warranty. The Dyson is a little heavier than other vacuums I've used or owned in the past.  There are two buttons on the machine.  One is the power and the other button is for the brushbar.  This is a great feature that allows you to turn off the brushbar so you can vacuum hard floors.  Releasing it from the upright position is a little different than most other ones which use a button to release it.  However on the Dyson you step on the front to hold it down while you pull the handle towards you to release it. The hose it built into the handle.  You pull the handle up to release the hose.  This is one of things that could be improved.  The hose end is very stiff and not easy to maneuver. There is a clear bin to you can see when the canister is full and needs to be emptied.  Emptying the canister is unique.  After releasing it, you hold it upright over the trash can, press the button on top and the bottom opens releasing the contents.  It's still dusty to empty though. The performance of the vacuum is hands down the most powerful I've used.  Having thought I'd picked up everything from an area rug with the old vacuum, after running it through with the Dyson, so much more came out and that's when I was sold on this vacuum. After a few years of use, the vacuum has had some issues.  Every once in a while it makes a grinding noise.  Dyson support kindly walked me over the phone how to fix it but it's a pain as you have to take it apart to fix.  A piece of the canister came loose and had to be fixed. Even with these issues, I would not hesitate to buy another one as it does what you need it to do best, which is vacuum.


Houston, TX


Dyson Vacuum is very good


I finally decided on spending the money on a Dyson after many years of getting frustrated with vacuums that did just a mediocre job. Our carpets are used very hard and receive a lot of traffic. I could actually tell a difference in the color of the carpet after using this vacuum. The suction is very powerful and stays that way no matter what you are vacuuming. Also, its nice to have the wand onboard for cleaning in corners and cleaning up cobwebs. It is very easy to empty the dust bin, and I love the fact that you don't have to spend the money on bags. There is also an allergy filter on this, which is very important to me, because I suffer from allergies. It has a very long cord, so you don't have to switch outlets very often. There are a few minor cons to this vacuum. It is very heavy, and if you have to carry it up steps, it can be a chore. It also doesn't fit very well under low furniture, so you have to use the brush. Otherwise, it is well worth the money!


Montezuma, GA


One of the best vacuum cleaners


I have owned this dyson vacuum cleaner for several years and I love it. It has a strong suction that picks up things very well without loosing suction. It has a bagless container that is easy to empty and stays pretty clean. The long handle actually comes out so you have a hose that you can attach attachments to which makes it easy to clean stairs, ceilings and under furniture. I haven't had any problems with my vacuum and love it very much. My only complaint is that they are very expensive but hopefully they will last a long time. The design of the vacuums are very stylish and usually come in a dark grey with another color on them. They have a switch on them so you can use them on hard floors as well as carpets. I really like my dyson and I would definitely recommend them to others.


Corydon, IN


Perfect Dyson vacuum for my needs


My mom has bad asthma, so I am always concerned that my house be really clean whenever she pays us a visit. My carpets are over 5 years old, but this vacuum helps keep them looking newer than that. I am always pleased with the level of suction the machine applys to the floor. Pet hair, paper bits, dust and dirt all lift away in one pass. I do wish the roller would pop out easily for cleaning off accumulated long hair. Other than that,this vacuum is a winner in every regard. I like the stylish and modern look it has, and the accesories are very useful and user friendly. The car clean kit that can be purchaesed as an add on has been super for keeping the cars clean and neat, as well. An excellent value for the price paid, this vacuum is a must have formy household.


Crestview, FL


Love my Dyson


I can't say enough about my Dyson. It was a VERY hard decision, being as expensive as they are. We decided on the Allergy and Asthma since it is the same as the Animal but without the attachments, which I didn't need. I have two labradors that leave hair everywhere. I have had my Dyson now for over two years and realize how wonderful it really is. Recently it had a small issue and while waiting for hubby to fix it I was going crazy. My old vacuum wouldn't do much of anything... not that this surprised me, otherwise I wouldn't have been buying a new vacuum! I finally gave him an ulitmatum, "fix this or I'm buying a new one!" It was an easy, 10 minuite fix and I was back on track. It has not lost suction at all in the time I have had it, it's just as it was on day one. The only con, well other than the expense, I have found is the hose attachment. I found it very ackward to work with at first, and it's not gotten much better. I have adapted and I'm used to using it now, but I do not care for it. I especially hate the fact that I have to unravel the entire cord in order to use this. If I just want to pick up a quick spill or something I have to undo the whole thing. Kind of annoying, but not anything to cause me to every think of getting anything other than a Dyson ever again!


Jersey Shore, PA


love a clean home


I recieved this Dyson as a gift and absolutely fell in love with it when I first got it.  The paperwork said it should last years and it did come with a wraanty.  I enrolled the cleaner on the warranty and used it on a regular basis.  I have had it for one year and it already has stopped working properly.  I tried to use the warranty but they state that I do not have one.  I also replaced the life time hepa filter, which is also a joke.  That filter gets clogged everytime I use the vaccuum.  I have to take it out and wash it every use.  I have tried cleaning out every inch of the vaccuum to get the suction back but nothing works.  The motor also gets really hot after about five minutes of use.  The other thing that really aggrivated me was the fact that it is not intened for carpet powder yet they include zorb with the purchase.  This vaccuum is really great for about a year then after that it is useless and doesn't work like everyone says it should. It is a shame because I know they are not cheap and should be more durable.


Bargersville, IN


Dyson DC17 Asthma & Allergy Upright Vacuum

4.1 7