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Dyson DC07 Post Filter

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Works great, havent needed to replace yet


This filter is excellent. It performs wonderfully, is easy to get to, clean, and replace. I pop mine out every 6-9 months and wash it by hand, as per the maintenance suggestions in the instruction manual. I have been doing this for 5 years, and every time i cant believe how easy it is. When I wash it, i just use dish soap and warm water in the kitchen sink. It takes me about 2 minutes. Then i let it dry overnight on the counter and replace the next day. So far, i have not seen any sign of wear or need to replace this item. Its well designed and works great. Maneuverability I'm not sure that this category applies, but its very easy to get this item in and out of the machine. The owners manual gives great instructions. Ease of Maintenance I really like that its not only easy, but that i only have to do it two times a year. Suction Performance Regular cleaning should help keep the suction performing at top notch rates. I believe this to be rue based on my experience. Versatility Again, I'm not sure this category applies, but i cant see a reason to give a poor score here. Durability No signs of wear other than some discoloration.



Dyson DC07 Post Filter

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