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Dynex 37 in. TV

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Excellent Store Brand TV


Our old TV broke and this was a quick budget replacement. I actually have the 37" and love the tv. Picture quality is on par with the more expensive brands. The sound is actually pretty good from the tv speaker. I use this tv with digital cable, XBox, dvd player and an old Nintendo so I am making use of almost all the inputs and have had no problems with any of them. The only con I can think of is the remote control. I don't know if the signal is week or it is an actual problem with the remote, but it has trouble "talking" to the tv from more than about 12 feet away. After some searching I finally found a code for our cable box universal remote that would work and has at least the necessary functions of the original. Over all this tv is an excellent buy and can hang with the more expensive brands.

Round Rock, TX


Very happy with it!


i gotta say. i was skeptical about getting a tv from a brand i didnt recognize. i have never heard of Dynex till about Summer of last year. We were in need of a cheap tv cause the main tv we had went out. (magnavox 60 inch big screen) It was about 15 years old. So we got a 24 inch Dynex cause was cheap and on sale. I liked it alot better than all the others. Controls were easy to understand. very light weight. The christmas this year We got another one for our bedroom cause that one also went out. This time we got a Dynex -DX-LCD37 37 in LCD tv. I watch so much tv now in my bedroom. I love the quality. Its also lightweight even though its pretty big. The sound on it is amazing! nothing like the other Tvs. We did call customer service with a few questions before we bought it and they were sooooo nice!! I would definately feel comfortable calling them again if i ever had any issues. There prices are ver good. They are definately my choice in Electronics for now on hands down!

Farmington, MI


Pretty happy with this tv


My wonderful parents decided that we needed to join the new millenium, so they bought us a tv for Christmas last year. Me being the ungrateful brat that I am, was slightly disappointed that this wasn't some name-brand tv that EVERYBODY had (hey, it says to be honest!), but quickly got over it in my excitement (my parents bought me a tv! And I'm a GROWNUP!). This tv has been great. The picture quality is excellent- I don't know a lot about tvs and the differences, but the images are very crisp and clear. I love that there are so many inputs for all of our different devices, and that it is easy enough for my 6-year-old to maneuver through the controls to switch between the outputs. I honestly think that the remote control should come with some sort of alert system so that it will be easier to find when lost, but I guess I would have that problem with any tv! ;) It has definitely been an improvement over our last tv- which was not very old, but it was shaped like a BOX! :) We feel so much more trendy now. In all seriousness, it has been a great tv, especially for the price (pretty sure my parents got it on sale).

Canton, GA


Dynex LCD TV is a great value for the price


My husband and I purchased the Dynex LCD TV after our wonderful Plasma 42" TV blew up.  We had to purchase a new one right away and after searching and comparing we decided on the Dynex LCD TV.   We have had this TV for about a year and it has been great!  The pciture quality is amazing.  We do not use the sound on the TV so I am unable to review the TV sound.  We use our surrond sound stereo instead.  I would have liked to have gotten a silver color instead of black, but it was not available at the time.  The price is definitely right for this product.  It equally compares to many of the top brands of TV manufacturers as far as overall quality, just a much better price.  The Dynex LCD TV easily mounts to the wall.  Overall, I give this product 4 stars..great picture quality, great size, no hissing or motor sounds (like our Plasma).  I did not give it a 5 because I think the picture quality of the Plasma was better than this one, so I guess it could be improved a little.

Apex, NC


Dynex 37 in. TV

4.3 4