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Dynex 19-Inch 720p TV

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Does the job!


What drove us to get this TV was when our old was wouldn't work right. Plus we wanted to try using an HDMI with the laptop. It was a new and exciting experience. I've never been able to connect a computer to the TV until I tried with this one earlier this year. When walking into the bedroom, I don't hear hissing. When I turn it on, it doesn't make that strange noise. I can even fall asleep while watching it because of it's crisp audio. I also noticed when it's muted, if I was to change the channel it would still be completely silent. Of course this is my first flat screen TV, so this review is only based on this TV and all of the old ones I've had in the past. If you just so happen to come across one, I'd recommend it to anyone on a budget. Picture Quality You can change it around on the menu Sound Quality Crisp and clear! No humming or hissing like your standard CRT TV. Durability I'm not the most careful person, and it withstood me. Design I think it's cute! Performance Better than I'd expected.




Great little TV!


We got this TV on sale for my son's room. We didn't need anything big or too fancy for him, and we have a 42" Dynex TV that we absolutely love, so we decided to go ahead and grab it while it was cheap. It's actually a great little tv, and we ended up buying a second one for our guest room. The picture is clear, and we had no problem picking up several channels in the guest room where we have no satellite hook up. The volume is consistent, and is nice and crisp. No static or muffling sounds. The tv itself is super easy to use and set up. My son has no problems using the tv on his own. It has nice features like the sleep timer, which comes in handy. We also were able to set his tv up with the satellite with no issues. As well as getting his xbox set up. The TV is durable and we have had no issues with color fading, or any other technical problems. It works like it should. It's nothing fancy, but it does what it is suppose to do.


Stevensville, MI


Great bedroom TV


Now if you think that you're going to get the same quality, picture and sound from this TV as you will from a Sony, LG, etc. that's twice as much then you're obviously going to be disappointed.  This TV is great for what you pay for it though!  We use it in our bedroom and are very pleased with it.  The only problem that we've had with it is about once a month the picture and sound go out and is replaced  by a loud "ERRRRRRRRRRR" noise, which isn't pleasant (especially when you're asleep!).  But this is a very small issue and it doesn't happen very often so I still think the TV is definitely worth what we paid.  Would I ever buy a 50" Dynex and use it as my main TV in the living room?  Absolutely not.  Would I buy another one for a kid's room or an office?  Yes, in a heartbeat!   As a side note:  I'm not one of those HD obsessed people.  I can barely tell the difference between regular and HD channels or Blu-Ray discs and DVDs.  I think the picture quality is just great, but don't expect it to be of the highest quality.


Nolanville, TX


Clear Nice Sound


Very nice little Dynex tv with an excellent sharp picture.  The 19" screen is perfect for bedroom or other small room.  Built in dvd player is convenient and uses limited space since it is built in.   I got this for the spare bedroom for the grandkids to watch when they spend the night.


Dundalk, MD


Dynex 19-Inch 720p TV

4.8 4