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Dynamo Toss Ins - Mountain Mist

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Dynamo Toss Ins are convenient but I'm still a little skeptical


Lately, instead of using my usual liquid laundry detergent, I've been sucked into the recent "toss in" fad, which is the simple process of throwing in a pre-packaged chunk of detergent at the beginning of the wash load. My current drug, I mean detergent, of choice is the Dynamo Toss Ins in the Mountain Mist scent. These toss ins are about one tablespoon in size and packaged in a plastic-like film that instantly dissolves in water. Basically, it's powdered detergent that I don't have to measure. I like the convenience of just tossing in the detergent and going about my day, however this product is more fad than necessity as I don't see how much longer it takes to measure out a scoop of detergent, whether it's powder or liquid. I purchased these because they were on sale and I also had a coupon for it. The toss in dissolves very quickly, however the water doesn't become as sudsy as I'm used to with my other detergents. Therefore, I'm skeptical as to how well this works using just one toss in. Sometimes, I get worried and add in some liquid detergent to the load or toss in another package, which is actually recommended for heavily soiled clothes. Because I knew that I wanted to review this product, I used it as intended for several loads (using one toss in per wash) and my laundry came out clean. Therefore, it does work to get clothes clean. If you like the convenience of a toss-in detergent, then give these a try. Performance My clothes come out clean, although I'm still skeptical and sometimes add in another toss in or some liquid detergent just to "make sure." Scent The Mountain Mist scent is pretty much non-existent unless I stick my face inside the pouch. Even then, the smell isn't very pleasing. The only scent that my laundry has after using this product is the smell from the fabric sheet that I used in the dryer.



Dynamo Toss Ins - Mountain Mist

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