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Dylan's Candy Bar Re-Treat
Dylan's Candy Bar Re-Treat Birthday Cake Batter Body Smoothie Lotion

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Smells great and keeps your skin moisturized


I have always been a fan of Dylan's Candy Bar, even though I never had the opportunity to go there. Dylan is always on television shows like E! News and different talk shows, so I really became interested in someday going to her store based on her interviews. When I saw the Re-Treat Birthday Cake Batter Body Smoothie Lotion online, I decided to give it a try. This lotion smells amazing. Exactly like a birthday cake. It absorbs well into your skin, and it really does help moisturize dry skin. It does not leave you feeling oily at all! Although I really like this product and the scent, I think it is a little overwhelming if you put too much on. This is one of those lotions where more is better. If you are a child, this is the perfect scent for you because it does not smell too old like some of the floral scents that lotion has. This was more expensive than the typical moisturizers I would buy. It is more of a buy only a few times in your lifetime type of lotion because of the cost. It would be a great thing to give as a gift if you are unsure what to buy a friend or family member. Scent This smells really good-exactly like a birthday cake. It is a little overwhelming if you use too much, and it tends to smell more like a flavor a younger child should use.



Smells delicious, but is more suitable for kids


This stuff smells so good, it really does smell just like a birthday cake. However, it is a scent that is more suitable for a child than for an adult. The quality of the cream is also something that I would suggest more for child than an adult too. It is not awful quality, but I didn't love it and it didn't replenish my skin all that much



Yummy smelling and kid approved.


Dylan's Candy Bar Re-treat Birthday Cake Batter Body Smoothie Lotion is a must have in my house.I bought this lotion as part of a large gift set for my daughter as one of her birthday presents.The gift set came with a matching shower gel and body scrub and a couple other body products.I love this lotion because it is the only lotion my daughter enjoys putting on.It used to be a struggle to get her to let me put lotion on her dry skin.My daughter not only wants this lotion on now she is even willing to put it on herself.The scent of this lotion is sweet and delicious.It is a gentle formula and safe for children to use.I was worried at first that it would not moisturize very good.The lotion moisturizes great and seems to be made from high quality ingredients.It absorbs rather fast and does not leave a greasy feeling.All my children really enjoy the smell of this lotion and the matching body products even my little boy.

West Union, OH


Birthday Cake Batter is a heavenly scent for body lotion!


Dylan Lauren, the daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren, has her own candy store where she sells candy, chocolate and other sweet treats.  She now has a line of natural body care products themed after the sweet scents of the candy in her stores.  In a recent online order, I received a free sample of **Dylan's Candy Bar Re-Treat Birthday Cake Batter Body Smoothie Lotion**.  I am so excited to love this product because it represents everything I look for in a great lotion. Her line of body care products includes lip balm, sugar scrub, shower gel, butter cream, lotion and reed diffusers.  Right now, there are four scents to choose from: - Birthday Cake Batter - Coconut BonBon - Chocolate Cupcake - Strawberry Licorice **Dylan's Candy Bar Re-Treat Birthday Cake Batter Body Smoothie Lotion **is an all natural, light-weight body lotion with the delicious scent of a light, fluffy cake.  It also smells like a decadent vanilla with an extra sweetness about it.  Just as good as the wonderful scent is how good this lotion feels on your skin.  It is pretty thin, so I was surprised at how moisturizing it was.  At first it seems slightly oily, but it does eventually rub completely in and your skin will feel extremely soft and moisturized.  I can't tell you how soft my hands are after using this product! I love that this product is all natural, paraben-free and itsn't tested on animals.  It is also made with some great, moisturizing ingredients like: jojoba oil, shea butter, aloe vera and Vitamin E.  If you enjoy sweet scents, you are sure to love this lotion!

Camp Lejeune, NC


Dylan's Candy Bar Re-Treat Birthday Cake Batter Body Smoothie Lotion

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