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Dutch Boy
Dutch Boy Refresh Interior Paint

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Dutch Boy Refresh is Very Refreshing!


I am currently working on repainting all of the rooms in our house, and seeing as I have an infant, and it is winter, making it hard to open up windows and ventillate while painting, I am being very careful as far as paint fumes go. I decided to give Dutch Boy Refresh paint a try, and I was pleasantly surprised that there was absolutely NO odor with this paint! It made me feel a lot better about painting with my 9 month old at home. I hate how the paint odor sticks around for days on end after painting, but not with this paint! You'd never know that I just repainted when you walked in the door since there is no odor! I also love how smooth this paint is! I just glides onto the walls like silk - and that is a nice quality to not have to mess with clumps and lumps of paint while I'm rolling it on. I also really love the pour spout that is on this jug of paint...and the screw top lid makes it so much easier to be sure that the can is closed tight! This is a truly amazing paint and I am hooked for life!

Colesburg, IA


Great coverage, and it really has no odor!


I repainted my sons' rooms and wanted to try the new, more environmental low VOC paints. I used Dutch Boy Refresh because I have always had success with other Dutch Boy products. I read some reviews of other low VOC paints and none were highly recommended. The Refresh paint advertises that it has Arm & Hammer baking soda technology not only to keep the odor low while painting, but it is supposed to absorb odors in the house after painting too. I agree that the house definitely did not smell like fresh paint at all! Even while painting, I did not notice any odor and I did not have to air out the bedrooms after painting. I even let the boys sleep in their rooms between coats. I was painting over dark colors from the previous owners and I used Refresh primer, then two coats of Refresh tinted light blue. (I am always a two-coater!) I also used Refresh on the ceilings and did the trim as well. The rooms look great. I would recommend this paint.

Des Moines, IA


Dutch Boy Refresh Interior Paint

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