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Dutch Boy
Dutch Boy Extreme Adhesion Exterior Paint

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Found some of this paint been around for a while.


Not understanding why this odor taste keeps coming from my lungs?!?




So so outdoor paint


I bought a can of Dutch Boy extreme adhesion paint to paint the outside of a beach house after a repair had been done. I was hoping that it would be a little better quality than it ended up being and am sorry to admit that it didn't do as good if a job as I had hoped This being said, it isn't a horrible product and maybe under different circumstances or in a less humid climate it would of had better results but it the humid of the deep Floridian south, it wasn't the best for the job. The good; It's priced well, good middle of the road price, wasn't overly expensive and wasn't so cheap that it left me questioning the quality of it. The color matched well to what I needed it to and it was relatively smooth to apply. The bad; it wasn't as durable as I had hoped it would be and while it did apply well, the coverage wasn't what I had hoped for. My verdict is, that there are definitely worse paint choices you could make, but there are also better ones you could as well.




Best outdoor paint!


This paint is fantastic! The front of our home faces Southwest and it gets extremely hot. I painted our front door, window frame and shutters with this paint in black and it has held up beautifully for 4 years and counting. No chips, peeling, cracking or dulling. Best weather resistance paint I have ever used and will continue to use. Thank you!




This is a thick, smooth one-coat paint with minimal drip.


Dutch Boy's Extreme Adhesion Exterior premium latex paint is a thick, minimal drip paint, that goes on smoothly, and can do a good job of coverage with just one coat.  It's in a plastic twist-off top container instead of the traditional can that has to be pried open and gets gooey inside the rim.  That makes opening, closing, then reopening easy. That is my concise and adequate statement about the paint, but in order for MyPoints to give points one has to go on and on with b.s. in order to drag the review out into 500 boring characters when 100 characters would suffice quite well.  So I will tell you that I bought the white semi-gloss and simply quote things from the container.  It has a lifetime guarantee.  It is 100% acrylic latex.  It says 'low temp appoication to 35 degrees."  It says that it is fade resistant.


Hammond, LA


Dutch Boy Extreme Adhesion Exterior Paint

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