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Durch Boy
Durch Boy Dirt Fighter Paint

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Beautiful colors, but this paint doesn't last and you need a lot


I used Dutch Boy paint that is either to use for exterior or interior to paint the bedroom, livingroom, dinningromm, kitchen and the bathroom. We loved the bright colors, we used apple red, light yellow, white, turquoise and leaf green. We had a very hard time painting the red color, even that the wall was painted with white prime color, we had to give four hands of painting because the color on the wall didn't look even. That was very frustrairing because we had to go twice to the store for more paint. However we didn't have the same problem with the other colors. We thought about why we had this problem with red paint, and we found out that the other colors paint were thicker, much thicker, so we just paint once the walls when we used the other colors. I do not recomend very much this paint, because also came off easily , I cleaned one spot of grease in one of the walls and the paint came off. I do not know how much the paint is going to last, but for now  I love how the colors looks.  I spent a lot of money painting because the quality of the paint. Next time I will buy another brand of paint.

Calexico, CA


Durch Boy Dirt Fighter Paint

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