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Duramed Pharmaceuticals
Duramed Pharmaceuticals Seasonique

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I love my birth control.


I absolutely love taking Seasonique for birth control. I have taken it faithfully for about for years with no surprises. As with all birt h control pills, you must take as instructed for them to be effective. I have never experienced any unwanted side-effects with these pills. You will have 4 periods a year if taken correctly, and spotting in between periods if taken incorrectly. Periods become lighter with time.



makes me throw up.. =/


Seasonique is the worst birth control i have ever been on! It makes me super depressed, bad mood swings (my poor boyfriend gets most of them), makes me vomit all night long if i take 2 pills in one day, breast size decrease instead of increase, and makes me feel sick 20 mins after taking it. I recommend lutera or desogen birth contol! I've had a easy time with those BCs. 

Sunnyvale, CA


It's effective, but only for the iron stomachs


Since it is an FDA approved form of birth control, Seasonique is effective and works as advertised. However, this pill has caused me to lose my appetite and at times become violently ill.  If you should forget to take the pill one day, the instructions say you can double up and take two pills the following day. Unless you have a day to spend wrapped around the toilet, I don't recommend this. When taken at the same time every day so that no overlap occurs between the pills, it tends to be fine. However, some days I feel nauseous all day or have no appetite whatsoever even when taking the pills as directed. This happened more often for the first 3 months and has improved since. Overall, Seasonique works, but the side effects almost make it not worth it. I have also tried YAZ with much better results as this is a lower estrogen pill.

Tacoma, WA


Duramed Pharmaceuticals Seasonique

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