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Duracraft Natural Warm Moisture Humidifier

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Hard to clean


This humidifier has a good output as far how much steam it puts out. It doesn't pour out but slowly eases out. The tank is large and I liked that it looked different than a traditional humidifier. I liked seeing the water. When it took water into the tank you could watch the bubbles come up. It was very quiet and never made a sound at all. You don't even know it is on unless you see steam coming out. The downside of this humidifier is cleaning it. It would have that pink buildup where the tank meets the bottom tray. It was hard to clean it in all of the curves and turns inside the bottom tray. I tried all sorts of cleaning methods but eventually I gave up on trying to keep it clean and got rid of it. If you are willing to spend that extra time cleaning it, it is definitely a good model to have. But I no longer had the need for it and got tired of the clean up. I now use the Vick's humidifier for when I need it. It has the option of adding oils to the tray on top where the steam comes out. If Duracraft would make a model easier to clean that looks like this one, I would switch back. Ease of Cleaning Hard to get all the pink slime out. Design I like the look of it and how quiet it is.

Empire, AL


Does the job


We have this humidifier in my room all winter long. We have a cute, fun, cool mist one for my kids and this is the one we use in our room. I like it alright. I'm kind of partial myself to the warm mist humidifiers. I have seriously dry sinuses all winter long and this really helps. For the money, it does the job. The reservoir doesn't hold quite as much as I would like it to. Sometimes in the morning it is direly low. I feel like I'm going to burn the whole thing up sometimes because it is so low by morning. Other than that, it is really easy to use. No frills. I don't think this thing will hang on forever, but for the money I guess I should expect that.

Pleasant Grove, UT


Great value for your money


**Duracraft Natural Warm Moisture Humidifier** **I liked it so well I bought a second one after the first one stopped working & it did work for a long long time. It does as it claims to do for a very reasonably price. We have a large console type humidifier in our dining room that doesn't quit cover the whole house so I like to have a small one in our computer room. If I don't have it going I get shocks every time I touch the computer which is not good for the computer. I turn it on and it takes care of that problem so I know it's working. It does have a high, low setting but I always have it on high. Our Minnesota winters are so dry we need as much humidity as we can get. I do not like cleaning it but I guess that would be about the same with other types of humidifiers. It would be nice if it had a larger tank. I generally have to fill it at least twice a day but probably should be filled at least one more time. Overall a good humidifier.**

Fergus Falls, MN


Duracraft humidifier is a good value


I have never used a humidifier until this one; I bought it to help getting headaches during the allergy season.  I use it at night near my bed and I had my doubts that it would help, but putting more moisture in the air really does help.  I like that it has a low and high setting, to give it some variability in moisture content.  The high setting works really well; although, if you leave it on all night, the water tends to run out, and if I wake up and notice, I just have to refill it to keep it running.  The low setting will run all night without the water running out, but, of course, it doesn't create as much moisture.  This humidifier is easy to fill, and if you overfill it, it will leak somewhat.  I keep it on a plastic container over the carpet, so I don't have any messes.  It is easy to clean and very easy to use. Overally, I would recommend this humidifier as a budget-conscious purchase.

Oceano, CA


The basics in what you expect from a humidifier


The **Duracraft Natural Warm Moisture Humidifier** has a 2.5 gallon per day output. Too bad the water tank is only a gallon. But it does work as it says. And it has a medicine cup, which I haven't used yet. The only thing I wish it had was a sensor that shows the humidity level so you could adjust the output when it reaches a certain level. BE CAREFUL about cleaning it. The first time I cleaned it, I didn't let it cool off first and some of the material cracked off the heating element. Not sure how this will affect the performance, but seems to be o.k. Not a bad investment in Minnesota where the heating season is about 8 months.

Minneapolis, MN


Duracraft Natural Warm Moisture Humidifier

3.8 5