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Durabrand nonstick waffle maker

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Cheap, Difficult to clean waffle maker


This waffle maker was cheap, but the good stops there. It doesn't let you know how much waffle mix to put in, so it either overflows, or there isn't enough mix to create two whole waffles. It takes a bit to heat up, and there is no beep when the waffle is through, so unless you are standing over it (to clean up the spills, maybe), then you will burn your waffle. I disliked it so much that I haven't bought a waffle maker since I gave this one away. I make pancakes now. Performance There is no timer setting, so the waffles are likely to burn unless you are standing right in front of it constantly. Settings/Features There are no features other than one letting you know it's hot. It doesn't let you know how much mix to put in for it not to overflow/produce a partial waffle. Ease of Cleaning If you pour too much waffle mix in, it pours out of the back and front. It drips waffle mix onto the counter. The nonstick surface is easy to clean; however, the area in the back where the mix comes out is really difficult to get clean. Ease of Use It's not complicated. Durability It did last for years and years, but I hated it so much that I gave it away. I was sick of cleaning up waffle mess.

Centerton, AR


This Durabrand nonstick waffle maker is fun and easy to use!


     This Durabrand nonstick waffle iron has been so easy to use.  It's non stick surface makes clean up an absolute breeze! It helps making  waffles  at home fun and easy! We don't need to spend the extra money on pre made store bought waffles. Why would we when it has become so easy to make them fresh in our own Durabrand waffle maker. I give this Durabrand Waffle  Iron a 5 star because it is so easy to use!      But there are two safety features built into it, that sort of make it less useful.  I know these are probably required for safety, so I didn't down grade on the stars because of them.   One thing is that the cord is so short.  It sort of makes it hard to find a soccet to put it in that is close enough to where I am making the waffles.  If the cord were  just a bit longer, say 8 inches longer, it would be a whole lot better for me!   Number two is that I would design it with a turn off/on switch in the cord.  If it is pugged in it is on.This is the only thing I don't like about it.  If I accidentally plug it in instead of my can opener, it is on. I think it would be better if it had on off/on switch just in case someone accidentally plugged it in, thinking, like I do that it is something else!   I give this Durabrand 5 stars because it makes waffles fun and easy to make!

Crescent City, CA


Makes good waffles easily!


I do like how easy this waffle maker is to use. I mean it is non-stick so you don't have to rub it down with oil or anything. All you have to do is preheat the maker and you know that it is ready because of the red indicator light will go off, then you pour the batter into the maker and then close it and its ready when the steam stops coming out. Sometimes I find that it tends to overcook the waffles a little if I don't watch it...so as soon as the steam lets up I will usually check it. But if I'm not watching well sometimes they will look a little burnt, though they don't taste bad. Also sometimes they do stick a little to the waffle iron, but not in a way that is hard to get it off, I just knock them off. It isn't too hard to clean, since it doesn't stick on the iron you just wipe it off with a rag or paper towel once it is cool. The only thing is sometimes if you put too much batter in it the batter pours over and that can be a pain to clean up as it can get into grooves.

Roanoke, VA


Durabrand nonstick waffle maker

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