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Durabrand TSK-7538S Iron

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For the price, it cannot be beat!


I purchased this iron several years ago when I went away to school. I knew I didn't need something fancy since I would not be using it a lot, but I wanted to have an iron for those times I did need to use one. This was a great purchase. Occasionally it steams a little bit excessively, even if the steam dial is turned all the way down, but it does not really make it any less functional. For the price, this is a great iron that does all the basics without any fancy bells and whistles. Safety There isn't an on/off switch on this iron. It turns on immediately once you plug it in. I don't have children, so this isn't a concern for me, but this could be an issue if there were children around.



Decent Iron for the price


I have had this iron about 5 years. It has held up rather well considering how much it gets used. The steam method on it is not the best but it works for small projects. The cotton method is what I use the most and it works good. It gets hotter than other irons that I have had so things tend to bleed onto the iron so its good to use something over whatever you are ironing to prevent things from melting onto the iron itself. Overall Its great for small projects such as ironing on patches but I don't recommend it for daily clothes ironing. Ease of Use Settings are easy to understand

Crawfordville, FL


OK for Price


The **Durabrand TSK-7538S Iron **has some positive points - it doesn't leak, or leaks very little, which is a good change from many other similarly priced irons. It gets the job done as far as actual ironing goes, though it's nothing special there. There are different settings for temperature and type of cloth, which is handy. The lack of any indicator to show it's on, along with the lack of an automatic shutoff, means you need to remember to shut it off manually after using - so it's not a great product for the absent minded! The cord can be troublesome, and catch and pull on clothing while you are ironing it. It's fairly compact and easy to store, though the handle can't be folded down and there's no place for the cord to wrap.

Eugene, OR


A cheapy iron that actually works.


I have to say, I only bought this iron because it was very cheap at Wal-Mart, and I was on a college budget. I didn't expect it to last long, because it is Durabrand, but it actually has been a pretty good little iron. It's actually a steam iron, though I've rarely if ever used the steam feature. I still have it now, took it into marriage, and it works fine. I just recently made quite a few t-shirt transfers with it. The great thing about this iron is that it can be left on for long periods without over-heating. I even left it on over-night and all-day before without realizing it, and it wasn't hot. It must have some sort of built-in feature. And the settings wheel is great for different fabrics. The bads things about it is that there is not on/off switch. To turn it off, you unplug it. Also, when dropped, a small portion of the bottom panel broke off. And lastly, the bottom of the iron has developed some sort of brown yuckiness (almost like rust, but not), which sometime tranfers onto clothes if light-colored and iron is hot enough. Not sure what that is. Product Features: - Lightweight body - Spray Button - Adjustable Steam - Thermostat Indicator Light - Easy-fill, Translucent Water Tank Would recommend as an every-day use iron if you're on a budget. Don't be afraid, it work great!

Corbin, KY


Durabrand TSK-7538S Iron

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