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Durabrand Sandwich Maker

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Durabrand Sandwich Maker is just okay.


We received this sandwich maker as a gift. Immediately I rejoiced at being able to cook sandwiches in here rather than in the skillet or on the griddle. I thought this sanwich maker would be a great addition to our kitchen appliance collection, but I was wrong. This griddle, although easy to use, does not accommodate bigger slices of bread or more fillings inside your sandwich. It seems to be built for the smallest slices of bread, not the wide-pan loaf styles that we like to buy. It also is terribly hard to close if you have put in even an average amount of fillings in your sandwich. You have to struggle to get the top to latch down sometimes. The end product is a hard, gross sandwich that is nearly burnt where the machine has creased it. It is unappealing to bite through. The machine is also quite hard to clean, as it has many little creases and corners that need to be wiped down. Keep making your sandwiches on the griddle and save yourself the trouble.

Spring Valley, WI


Durabrand Sandwich Maker

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