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Durabrand - Progressive Scan DVD Player

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Stay Away! Only Works Some of the Time.


I bought a Durabrand DVD player because it was affordable and said it was a progressive scan to maximize picture quality, but it's a total crapshoot to see if it will work or if it won't. It's not just with older DVD's that could possibly be scratched or damaged. I bought a brand new DVD and it wouldn't play, but it would play the DVD I rented from a machine. I really can't find any rhyme or reason to what DVD's it will play and which ones it won't. It has been disconnected and replaced and after just attempting to use it for a few months it's in the garage for electronics to be recycled. Performance When it did play a DVD it provided a quality picture, it never skipped or had any other types of issues. However I would estimate only two out of three DVD's I put in it, it wouldn't work. Playback Quality The picture was great on the DVD's it played. You can use the remote to skip to the next scene instantly without a delay. It loaded quickly and did a good job. Sound Quality The sound matched the screen, like there was no sort of delay and it came through as well as the sound on my television could perform. Durability From day one the DVD player had issues. There was no warranty information included, so I assume they do not back their products and the store I purchased it from does not accept returned electronics. Durability is a real issue with this brand. Ease of Use It is very easy to use. The cords needed were all included and very simple and easy to connect to a television.




Durabrand Progressive Scan DVD Player Is Awsome


Wonderful machine. I'm so happy to own this product. I enjoy using this while I'm cleaning my house. Performance It has so many gadgets. Playback Quality I watch movies all the way through. Sound Quality Very nice, and clear. Durability I trust this product, strong and sturdy. Ease of Use Easy to follow instructions. A great control that basically does the work.




a excellent dvd player small with a lot of features


This dvd player has alot of features in a small package, i belive it can play cds as well, alot of fine tuning features such as effecting color, audio. But the most interesting is how much fits in such a small package. I love its high tech appearance. its righ out of sci fi.




Must sit and watch...no replay.


I find that this dvd player is very simple to use. Although, I do not like that I can't rewind to a specific spot instead of having to rewind back to the beginning of the chapter. That is irritating. But other than that, it works great and is so simple my children can hook it up by themselves.


Vincennes, IN


Durabrand - Progressive Scan DVD Player

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