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Durabrand Deep Fryer

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Great little fryer for a good price.


I got this little fryer mainly because it was on sale and I had been wanting one. Over all it does a great job. I love how it fits in the corner on my counter and how it has the temperature control on it. The food come out great and my kids would have French fries for dinner ever night if I'd let them. I've used it on all sorts of food like cheese sticks, taquitos, corn dogs, and even burritos. My only complaint is it's not the easiest to clean, it would be great if it had a better way to clean it.

Lewiston, Ca


The Durabrand Deep Fryer is pretty great


I was given a **Durabrand Deep Fryer last Summer for my birthday. I have been very pleased with it. **The Durabrand Deep Fryer heats fairly quickly and cooks the food very well. We've cooked french fries, mozzarella cheesesticks, we've also fried chicken and potatoes. All have been evenly cooked and have tasted very well. I really enjoy the safety plug as well. It's also convenient that the lid lifts off easily and the basket comes out easily. I really like that you can completely take apart the **Durabrand Deep Fryer for cleaning. I often mind it much easier to wash the pan in the sink with dish soap versus having to wipe the pan out with a paper towel. Being able to take it apart completely also means that I don't have to worry about damaging any of the electrical componets when cleaning as well. I would definately recommend the **Durabrand Deep Fryer to anyone!********

Elizabethton, TN


An inexpensive way to have the crispy fried food we crave


We picked one our Durabrand up from Aldi's store in Torrington,CT. And we have liked it so much we bought 2 more as gifts for family members. Priced at 24.99. you just cant beat that with a stick! There is a dial for different temperature controls which we basically keep at the same one for everything. There is a perfect basket that holds all the food while it fries, it is SO fast! its nice and sterling. So it goes nicely with my more expensive appliances. It holds about 2 containers of vegetable oil per cooking. I guess the only downside is the cleaning of anything that you fry in. Oil is a pain to clean, Tho that being said,,its expected. The parts come apart easily enough and I put the basket in hot sudsy water to break up the grease each time I clean it. I know deep frying is a taboo thing in society these days, But everything in moderation is always fine! Certain things cant be baked to get the same results. Mozzarells sticks are PERFECT in this fryer as well as breaded shrimp. Okay, now im hungry!

Jacksonville, FL


Durabrand Deep Fryer

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