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Durabrand Coffee Maker

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Bought Used Works Great!


Good coffee maker, been using it for more than 6 months after buying in a thrift store. Brews quick, and keeps the coffee hot. Brew Performance It brews pretty quick and is easy to set up for the day. Ease of Cleaning Two problems I have with this coffee maker are the design of the reservoir and the drip stopper. There are a several spots where it is easy for water or 'stuff' to accumulate in the reservoir and it is nearly impossible to get hands in there to clean it. Also the drip stopper not only prevents the pot from going in first but doesn't work, never did. So I have to wait for the entire pot to finish and the dripping to stop before I can pour a cup. Ease of Use It has to go together in a particular order because the drip stopper (which doesn't work) makes it so the pot has to go in last. Design I wish it were easier to clean the reservoir, it takes a really long time and I typically get a scratch or two on the back of my hand. Durability I bought it used, so I don't know how old it is but it is working great so far.



Simple but efficient.


We got this little coffee maker at a garage sale. I am not a huge coffee drinker, and when I do drink coffee, I like it loaded with cream and sugar. I did not need a large coffee maker, or even a digital one because I knew I would not be using my coffee maker very often. This little coffee maker serves the purpose, and is simple enough for even the most technologically challenged. If you are a frequent coffee drinker, I would recommend something a little more complex, but for the occasional cup of coffee, or for people on a budget, this makes great coffee. I pretty much stuck to single serve packets of coffee in different brands that I had received as free samples. I would have a package of coffee filters, and put one of those in the top along with the single serving package of coffee and have a fresh little pot brewed in a few minutes. I liked to doctor my coffee up with fun flavors of Coffeemate or Bailey's creamer. This little coffee maker is not very durable though because I was moving it, and it tumbled to the kitchen floor breaking the little top cover part off. It is still fully functional, but pretty inconvenient. I have recently gotten a Keurig, which is a little more expensive, but definitely worth it, but if you do not need an elaborate brewing system, this coffee maker is for you.

Woodville, OH


Good coffeepot for the money!


This is a decent little coffee maker! It did not come with a high price tag. Of course, you get what you pay for, so making coffee is its only function. There are no bells and whistles, such as a timer of any sort (or even a clock), and whatnot. It makes coffee well. There are not any coffee grinds that sneak past the filter into the coffee. It does not 'burn' the coffee. It is rather easy to use, and dishwasher safe. It makes up to 12 cups, which is a good amount if you have guests. The measurements are clearly printed on the glass pot, and after quite a bit of time, they are still clearly readable. I have mine next to the stove, so grease and sauces sometimes splatter onto the coffeemaker. It is fairly easy to clean, but sometimes there are stuck on spots that take some elbow grease to get off. I have never had a problem with water leakage. It's not too quiet when brewing, but it's not the loudest I've heard, either.

Buhler, KS


Durabrand Coffee Maker

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