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Durabrand Blender

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partially works,durable


I have used this product to blend food and non food items.It still works.even after a lot of abuse(grinding paper for art work-like paper mache).The different speeds do not all work after some years.The plastic exterior still keeps its place,but it is more difficult to clean.The exterior plastic has developed porosity and other not pleasant markings(even when it has not decomposed).The grinding is pretty much the same as when it was new after some years.The clear cover was also quite frail but has not broken.it is surprising that it has lasted so long and the motor still works.Recommended for cooking and other art projects.But one has to be cautious with the speed selection of very hard materials(might burn the motor)


Miami, FL


I hate it!!!


I love to make my own protein shakes. Store bought shakes are way too expensive, so I decided to start making my own to help save the money that it wouod cost me to buy a pack of them at the  store. I bought this Durabrand TSK-9368AP blender to help me get the job done. The blender itself was extremely cheap which was the first reason I decided to try it. Once i got it home, I realized that it was cheaply made. It does not look like a high quality blender at all. I plugged it in and put my protein shake ingredients in, and low and behold, this blender was extremely loud. It did get the job done, but did it need to make all of that extra noise? My shake turned out to be very good, but I am still disapointed with the blender. It seems to be very hard to clean. If you are just loking for a cheap blender, then I would reccomend this lender. If you want a good quality blender, do not buy this blender!!!


Charlotte, TN


A Good, Cheap, Noisy Blender


When I took a new job that was just a bit too far away to go home for a healthy lunch, I quickly found myself putting on the pounds from too many Butter Burgers at Culver's, Classic Tuna subs at Thundercloud, and other calorie-dense fast food delicacies. To combat my tendency to eat bad things, I went out and bought the cheapest blender I could find. That blender, my friends, is the Durabrand TSK-9368AP, which cost me thirteen bucks at the local Wal-Mart. It only has six speeds, it's mostly plastic, and is noisy as hell, but I've already gotten my money's worth out of it. It may not have the bells and whistles of other blenders, and it probably should come with earplugs, but it can liquefy a frozen banana like nobody's business. It's got a 46-ounce pitcher and a 350 watt motor, which gets the job done capably, if not quietly. We have a much nicer blender at home, but the TSK-9368AP is good enough to make me a smoothie five days a week without breaking down. It's sort of the food-processing version of the beat-up old junker with the bumper sticker that says, "My other car is a Ferrari."


Austin, TX


Durabrand Blender

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