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Durabrand 5-Speed Hand Mixer

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Such a mess!


I was so disappointed in this hand mixer! I just wanted something simple to use for occasional baking and this was recommended to me. I bought it and it practically fell apart within just a couple of months. In addition, I found that it never really did what I needed it to do. Its five speeds didn't vary enough - they were all pretty much in a range from "really fast" to "really, really, really, really, really fast", so it was just way too much for some of my recipes. I found that a lot of my baking ended up overmixed way too quickly, and it was beyond rescuing at that point. It was a shame. Mixing Performance Too fast right from the start, leading to overmixed baking recipes. Ease of Cleaning This mixer was plenty easy to clean. Ease of Use This mixer is very easy to use despite it being fairly disappointing overall. Design It's a fairly generic design and it works and stores fairly well. Durability This mixer fell apart after just a couple of months of use.




What your kitchen should not be without.


Every kitchen is stocked with various kitchen appliances.  Every good cook wants to be equipped with the finest and most modern technologies available.  Durabrand comes to the rescue with its brand of hand mixer.  Durabrand's hand mixer is both economical and easy to use.  You don't need a big price to have big results in the kitchen.  Durabrand is worth both your time and your money.  No greater value can be found on the kitchen appliance market than a Durabrand product.  You will find your mixing problems at an end.  Everything you mix with the Durabrand hand mixer comes out smooth.  Some hand mixers are difficult to hang onto and control.  This is not the case with the Durabrand hand mixer. Durabrand's hand mixer is light to the touch and easy to control.  Your hand will never tire of holding the Durabrand hand mixer.  It is also easy to eject the beaters for just as easy cleanup.  You will be proud to own and use a Durabrand hand mixer.


Conneautville, PA


Great value for the money.


For what I paid I was not expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly and easily it creamed butter and sugar. It has more power than I expected for a hand mixer.It is easy to use and clean. Removing the beaters can be a little difficult if you do not have full strength in your hands or have arthritis.


Florence, SC


A total waste of money.


Apparently I am not the only person to have had this experience. I purchased a Durabrand Hand Mixer (Model 216401) and used it ONE time, it didn't even finish the job. I was making a box of brownies, and the mixer simply stopped. At first I thought it was the outlet, but no, the mixer had burned out after about 5 minutes of use. I bought it because it was inexpensive and I didn't expect to use it a great deal, but I did expect it to last through it's very first job. To anyone thinking of buying this model...DON'T. Spend the extra money on the next step up, it'll be worth it.


Lake Station, IN


Don't Waste Your Time or Money - It Won't Last


I bought this particular mixer because it was inexpensive and I only needed something for the occasional batch of cookies.  Well, I mixed one (emphasis on one) batch of peanut butter cookies and one batch of chocolate chip.  From the very beginning I had to place the mixer on the highest setting because it seemed to drag.  By the end of the second batch of cookies the mixer had stopped altogether.  I thought that perhaps it had overheated somehow (even though the batch was small) so I decided to let it cool off.  I have yet to be able to restart it.  If you are looking for a one-use, disposable hand-mixer then this is it. 


Jackson, TN


Don't waste your time & money on this Durabrand Md.#216401. It's


I bought this Durabrand mixer #216401 for the little jobs and found it to be totally useless. It's slow to fast speeds have no discernable differences. All the settings are too fast and throw out the contents even from a deep bowl. The mess it made isn't worth the trip to the store to return it. I put it in the trash where it belongs along with a lot of other "made in China" products. The old saying is true."You get what you pay for!" I would give it a "zero" rating if available as it is worse than poor! 


New Albany, IN


Durabrand 5-Speed Hand Mixer

2.5 6