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2-Slice Toasters
Durabrand 2-Slice Toaster TS-50

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Fire hazard


Buy another model of toaster Toasting Evenness Unless you need your toast evenly black, avoid this toaster Safety Very unsafe. Should be recalled. Apparently there is no manual pop up function, and if you lift the toaster lever the elements DO NOT SHUT OFF! The outside of the toaster gets dangerously hot - enough to melt plastic. Ease of Cleaning Difficult to clean after you've used a fire extinguisher on it. Durability This first item to be destroyed in a house fire, because it's the cause of the house fire. Design Excellent way to burn a house down.



This toaster is okay..


I actually have a Durabrand 4-slice toaster, but im sure there is little difference. I like that you have a knob to adjust the amount of heat you want. But after the toast pops up, it doesnt stay up so its a little hard to get the toast out. And the cord is WAY too short!

Edenton, NC


Well, it's cheap...


I'll start out with the one good thing about this toaster - it's cheap. That being said, it does a terrible job. I've had mine for quite a while now, but I've read a lot of reviews of people saying that theirs quit after only a couple of days, so I'd watch out for that first off. I've had a long experience with this toaster, though, so I can tell you all the not so fun details about the usage.  First off, I have to push down the lever usually about five times before it will even start to toast. After you finally get it working you have to watch it really closely, because it will burn your food before you know it. I'd also say to limit yourself to only toasting bread in it, because if you try something like a toaster strudel it will burn the outside and leave the inside still frozen, with pop tarts it burns the frosting, and with a bagel it will thoroughly toast BOTH sides.  A bit of a hazard if you have children using it, too, as the sides of the toaster get very hot. Oh, and when it's done it doesn't actually pop anything out, you have to shove the lever up to make your food come up. I bought this toaster, actually twice (tisk tisk on me), just for the sake of saving money. If you use a toaster a lot though and you actually want decent food to come out of it, shell out a few extra bucks for something that's at least half way decent.

Fort Walton Beach, FL




I don't see how they could even sell something like this. I had it on the lowest setting and when I went to toast something I started to smell melting plastic. I pulled the plug to stop it and discovered the sides were too hot to even touch.

Denver, CO


Hot, Hot, Hot!


I have to admit that when I was looking for a toaster, I was looking for the cheapest one available....This is the one time that "you get what you pay for" came true for me.  It is the "generic" lowest level Durabrand 2 slice toaster.  It does have the control that goes from 1 to 5 (for the darkness/hardness) for you to choose from.  It also has "stop" to make it come up early.  My main complaint with this toaster is the fact that it gets extremely, and I mean extremely hot on the outside.  I literally burnt my fingers the other day when I went to move the toaster when it was done.  The other problem is that it doesnt really "pop" the toast up.  You have to pull up on the lever to make the toast come up high enough to get it out.  Especially annoying when you are making english muffins.  Whatever you do, dont let your child make toast with this, they will get burnt.  At only 6.00, if you dont have kids and dont need a great toaster (or just dont use one very often) it would probably work for you.  Otherwise, not a great buy, even for just 6.00.

Sheridan, IN


Durabrand 2-Slice Toaster TS-50

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