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Durabrand 12-Cup Digital Coffeemaker

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Durabrand coffee maker not durable


This coffee maker is usable but it is not one of the better ones. I have bought two of them and the first one only lasted a year and this one isn't going to last long either. An d the bad thing about it is that it fits n icely on the counter. And I don't leave it on all day long

Sioux Falls, SD


Not a good coffee maker.


This coffee maker is not good. It worked for about 6 months, then it started leaking water everywhere so we tried to fix it and that lasted a little while but we still had to buy a new coffee pot about 2 months later.

Flint, MI


Excellent Durabrand/Walmart Coffee Machine while it lasted


I just wanted a simple inexpensive coffee maker and this one more than fit the bill.  It's a decent looking machine.  Had more bells and whistles on it than my old Mr. Coffee model I bought in the late 1980's.  It has buttons on them.  You press them to get the machine to do the things you want it to do.  Seems pretty straight forward to me.  I have been blissfully happy with this coffee maker until the decanter cracked, my fault.  Trying to buy a replacement has been an ordeal.  I don't want a new machine, I want this one.  AND the decanter probably costs almost as much as the machine.  It seems I'm much better off going out and buying a new one which I would be more than happy to do except this one is currenly unavailable now.  I'm back at the drawing board.  Overall it may be more economical and better for the envorinment to just shell out the money for an expensive machine from a reputable company you can call for service if something happens.   Replace the carafe if it breaks rather than buying new cheap machines over and over building landfills with them. Haven't decided what I'm going to do yet but that's my story.  Machine is good but once you get it you're on your own. 

Weymouth, MA


that this coffee maker is not worth the money


I have bought the durabrand coffee maker cm4180t, I have only had it sense December of 2007.now its April and yesterday i went to set my maker and noticed that it was hot which i did not make coffee that day at all the clock was not working and the glass had a crack in it thank god that their was still coffee in it or it could have been a fire ,no when i plug it in it runs all the time you cant turn it off. i would be careful if you buy one..

Brown City, MI


Durabrand 12-Cup Digital Coffeemaker

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