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DuraBrand Coffee Maker

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My wife and I are everyday drinkers starting at 6 A.M. until noon. It was hard getting used to this pot shutting off after 2 HRS and having to re-start it. It then goes through a brewing cycle again. We didn't have to put up with this for very long though because after about two months the on/off button would not work unless you pressed the minute button.Then the pot would shut off after about 15 minutes.That only lasted a few weeks until I donated it to the local land fill. In it's defense, I will say that it brewed good coffee for the two months it lasted. Oh yeah, the rating is one star too many.

Hobart, IN.


You get what you pay for!


I have purchased 5 of the Durabrand coffee pots not because they have stopped working but because the carafe's are so fragile that they break easily. I have 5 receipts and just decided since I deemed it my fault because of carelessness I would just buy new ones. However I will not be purchasing a sixth one rather I will be taking it back to Wal-Mart and will ask them to replace it. One of the main reasons I purchased new ones was because they were so cheap.

Houston, TX


Not the kind of "Jolt" you'de expect!!!


DURABRAND COFFEE MAKER My daughter bought me one of the pretty black with metal trim durabrand coffee makers for Christmas.  Got it home and the whole top was busted...so we took it back.  Got the new one home and the carafe had a crack on the bottom...took that one back too.  The next one seemed fine till this morning.  I brewed my morning coffee and when I was finished I turned it off.  About 5 minutes later it started making this crazy zzztttt zztttt sound so I unplugged it for about 10 minutes.  Plugged it back in and proceeded to try and reset the clock on it and at 1st I thought I was crazy cuz every time I touched the decorative metal band I got an electrical poke.  This happened a few times then I just gave up and it sits there unplugged, don't need it starting a house fire while I'm at work!!!  I wish you could give this no stars because that's all it deserves  :(

Hillsdale, MI


I don't even want to give it one star


I purchased this programmable durabrand coffee maker twice...  yes, twice! The first one i had to return because the first time i turned it on the program button was pushed which apparantly turned the pot on and the carafe cracked. So i returned it. The second one i made sure to take the carafe off the plate until i actually wanted to brew some coffee. The time came and i filled the maker with water, filled the filter basket with grounds and turned the pot on. The pot was half full when the darn thing cracked. IT CRACKED WITH COFFEE IN IT! WTF! I will never purchase another durabrand item. I have an old sunbeam pot that i went back to. I've never had problems with it. The carafe is much thicker and it doesn't heat up to a ridiculous temp... i think i'll stick with it until i feel inclined to purchase a more expensive coffee maker.

Stillwater, OK


DuraBrand Coffee Maker

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