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Dupont Purified Water Filter

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Dupont Water Filters Leak


We've had 3 WFFM300 filter cartridges last only a few months before they spontaneously crack and leak at the "sealed" end. And Dupont wants me to pay for return shipping to have them replace their defective cartridges even though I emailed them photos and registered the product... some warrantee. I will avoid DuPont water filters and cartridges!



Works good - for a while!


We have tried 3 Dupont under the faucet water filters.  We love the way the water taste after filtering it.  The problem with the first one was the chrome coating on the cannister.  It completely chipped off leaving a nasty messy look.  We called Dupont and they replaced it for free.  We just had to pay to ship.  Then the 2nd one did the same thing - chipped off chrome and then on top of that, the little LED counter that tells how many gallons have been filtered quit working.  I called the company again ad this time they replaced it for free, plus sent a extra replacement filter to cover the cost of us shipping it back. Then the 3rd one started leaking like crazy last week.  I am planing to call the company again.  Since we have several filters still we bought a new unit again this morning.  Hopefully this one will work a little longer.  Bottom line - filter works great and does make the water clean and tasteless!  Excellent there.  The only problem is that the chrome chips and now it leaks. 

Stanford, KY


Dupont Water Filter is better than bottled water :)


I use to be an avid buyer of bottled water.  I loved having the water bottles around so I could easy measure how much water I was drinking instead of guessing.  I also loved that I can just grab and go when I was in a rush. My husband finally decided that we needed to stop because every week were had two or three recycle bins full of empty bottles of water.  I did not know what to do because I loved my bottled water.  J I actually picked this water filter because of the look, but the quality of the water filter is also a plus.  We have had this water filter for about a year and half and it works wonders.  The amount that you pay for the filter is actually less than purchasing bottled water every day.  The water filter is easy to assemble on your faucet and allows you to decide when to filter the water.  The filter lasts about six months (I use the 200 gallon filter) and the cost is not bad.  I am glad that my husband has put a stop to the mountain of bottled water. 

Saint Augustine, FL


Dupont Purified Water Filter

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