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Dark Roast Coffee
Dunkin' Donuts
Dunkin' Donuts Dark Roast

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Glad I tried Dunkin' Dark!


I have read over and over again how good Dunkin' Doughnuts coffee is, and I finally decided to give it a try. I am so very glad that I did! I'm not usually a coffee snob, I buy whatever is on sale. However, after tasing this coffee, I will don't care if it's on sale or not! It is now my go to brand! I was hesitant to try the dark, as I was afraid it might have the bitter taste. But I love the taste of a stronger, darker coffee (must be the Sicillian in me!), so I decided to go with the dark roast rather than the original roast. I was very pleasantly surprised at how smooth and rich it is! No bitter aftertaste! Finally! A coffee that is reasonably priced, readily available, and it tastes like heaven first thing in the morning!

Waukesha, WI


Best Coffee


All I can say is WOW!  For straight black coffee, Dunkin Donuts beats them all.  We've never had a Dunkin Donuts restaurant in my city or even our State, so I was never privy to their coffee or even their donuts, but when they started selling their coffee in the stores my mom had bought some because she had heard how good their coffee is.  I tried it, and loved it.  I've never tasted such good rich tasting straight black coffee.  Unfortunately, I don't drink it as often as I'd like.  Its a little pricey for me, but whenever I go to my Mom's, she always has a pot on and I'm happy to help myself to some.  Dunkin Donuts coffee to me means quality, rich, bold, not bitter, smooth tasting coffee.  They do have the new holiday flavors out right now, and with coupon that was in Sunday paper, I might just buy some to try it.  Dunkin Donuts coffee is a nice treat for the holidays.  WIth the amount of coffee we drink daily, I could never afford to drink them everyday.  But its definitely a nice treat.

Elverta, CA


Dunkin Dark - just as good from the shop or from my pot


I am already a pretty big fan of Dunkin Donuts coffee, whether it's the pumpkin, coconut, or hazelnut, and my tastes do change with the season, especially autumn, but the Dark Roast is my absolute favorite I first had the Dark Roast as an iced coffee when I went through a Dunkin Donuts drive through, and then bought some to make at home. It's just as good when I make it in my own coffee pot, and has become a staple in our cupboards. Although I am not great at describing why I like different kinds of coffee, the word "rich" somes to mind. It has a nice, rich flavor, not that beefy garbage you get at diners. My husband likes it black but I think it's great with just a little bit of cream and sugar. It makes a special iced drink as well. It was a great addition to the summer offerings at Dunkin Donuts, and I hope it sticks around, even if they make it something seasonal. Hey, I can stock up.

Queensbury, NY


Finding An Old Friend


*I jokingly tell everyone, "I'm a drug addict...caffeine & nicotine."  At least they're both still legal!  * *I don't know if it was the bad economy or competition from Krispy Kreme or what, but Dunkin' Donuts faded out of the picture in the St. Louis area. (SIGH) I loved Dunkin' Donuts coffee.  It was rich, full-flavored but not bitter. * *Finding them on-line at dunkindonuts.com gave me a chance to send off for a free sample.  I believe this free sample program has expired.  I got mine in time and now enjoying something I haven't had in years.  Being an ex-trucker, I've probably had coffee in all 48 contiguous states & I know for a fact - Canada.  Sampling this packet of **Dunkin' Donuts Dark Roast** is like finding an old friend.* *As soon as I opened the sample packet, my nose & sense of smell had orgasms! (Multiple even.)  I drooled over the coffee pot waiting for the dripping to end.  Adding my usual packet of "Equal" to sweeten things up, my taste buds went wild.  I'm not joking...this Dunkin' Donuts coffee beats anything I've had in a restaurant lately; or at home for that matter.  I have got to check more stores to see if and/or who carries this brand.  If I have to...I guess I will order more on-line.**   *

Saint Louis, MO


Dunkin' Donuts Dark Roast

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