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Cookie Dough
Duncan Hines
Duncan Hines Family Recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies 9 oz.

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Simple cookie mix, decent cookie


This cookie mix is very easy to make by just adding a few simple ingredients. They are easy to mix up and bake in the oven. If you like fresh baked cookies but don't want to make them from scratch, this is a great, easy to make alternative. The final cookies are not the best ever made, but they are a decent replacement.



An egg, some butter, & enough cookies to share w/ the gardeners.


  Our gardeners came to put in a new walkway, and I reached for one of the new, 9-oz boxes of **Duncan Hines Family Recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies** in our pantry.  *Everybody* likes chocolate chip cookies! After baking the first 16 cookies ("too many chocolate chips," my husband said as he continued munching), I got the second box of mix from the pantry and baked another batch.  Nothing tastes like the *Toll-House *scratch recipe, but making these cookies couldn't be easier.  Add one tablespoon butter and a large egg to the dry mix, stir, and drop by the teaspoonful on an ungreased cookie sheet. Just for good measure, I added a couple of teaspoons chopped pecans and a spare handful of raisins to the first batch.  Three hundred seventy-five degrees was clearly too high a setting on my oven.  The bottoms browned just short of a burn and the tops looked pale.  For the second batch, I lowered the oven temp, increased the baking time, and upped the cooky ante with a couple of *tablespoons** ***pecans and two *generous* handsful of raisins.  Now *that* added up to a yum! This is the first time I've ever baked cookies that tasted better cold than warm out of the oven.  I appreciate the nine-ounce box of **Family Recipe Cookies **though because it cuts my consumption off earlier than, say, a full *Toll-House *recipe would. With the gardeners helping out in a big way, I've managed to remain guilt-free during this **Duncan Hines** spree, *and* I haven't really minded sharing. Our new walkway looks great!

Los Angeles, CA


Duncan Hines Family Recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies 9 oz.

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