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We are into simple living in this household, so I love any excuse to look through the Duluth Trading website. We use it almost as a research tool as much as shopping site. We researched composting toilets for a while, and found a lot of useful info on their website about these. We opted against getting one, but it's great to know we could order it from a trusted source. We have ordered some clothing from there, and we weren't too happy with the product. It was the fireman's pants, and the fabric did not hold up like we thought it would. Also, they were stiff as cardboard when new, and took a million washes to soften up at all. If I had seen these in person I probably wouldn't have made the purchase, so this is where buying online can burn you a bit. We also bought an apple peeler from them, and it has worked fine peeling many apples, but it is a little rickety. I like supporting this company because I like the array of products they carry.



Things made of fire hose, 'guy stuff', fun for gals, kids, too.


     Who put us on the list?  We have no idea, but both TunefulPal and I are fascinated by our ***Duluth Trading Co.*** catalogs and by the ***www.duluthtrading.com*** website.  TunefulPal has even taken advantage of one of their odd specialties -- things made of fire hose material.     In this case, TunefulPal bought the famous, ten-pocket "92204s" jeans made of 10.9-oz Fire Hose cotton canvas, "the same canvas that once wrapped rubber fire hoses, responding to call after call, dragged up and down stairs, yanked around sharp corners."     Whew!  We have nothing so dramatic to recount.  But I do think I've seen TunefulPal's jeans *walking* around on their own.  The catalog says they've been prewashed for broken-in softness.  I say if that's broken-in softness, bring on the strait jacket.  I obviously don't understand a guy's comfort levels.     In addition to various jeans configurations, you can find the **Fire Hose Goose Down Snorkel Parka** ("Arctic circle warm, job site tough"), the **Fire Hose Presentation Jacket** ("Casual canvas with an easy-moving feel") and the **Fire Hose Overcoat** ("rugged protection for modern cowboys... in big cities or wide-open spaces.")     My misguided sensibilities insist that buying the **Longhorn Shoe Horn** (21 and 3/8") that "helps your achin' back" might be especially useful after wearing the overcoat all day.     Duluth also sells great-looking garments for men *and* women that are *not* made of fire hose material.      Another of ***Duluth Trading Co.***'s specialties is the **Longtail T** ("3" longer than ordinary tees, to keep you from 'sharing too much information.'"  This "Solution to Plumber's Butt" would improve household aesthetics just about anywhere.     For kids, the latest catalog offers an **Army Patrol Pedal Plane** made of heavy-gauge steel.  (Whaaaa?  No plastic?)  It comes with a windshield, steering wheel, hood scoops, turning propeller and hub caps for $325.  If that's a little pricey, how about the keyless, wind-up **Spiral Race Car** originally manufactured in the 1920s and now costing $21.50?  It's made of (outrageous!) *tin*.     There are also two sizes of stilts made of *wood*, **Slide Whistles** made in the USA of *nickel-plated brass*, **Fabulous Fiddlestix** which look mightily like the wooden Tinker Toys of old, and **retro *tin* tractors** that shift gears and are not made in China.  Just think!  These things might last for the next generation.     As for the gals?  I could go for the **Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper** with "a patented hand-crank mechanism that evenly distributes the oil and prevents burning".  Or a **Scout's Grab Jacket** with reflective trim, two pockets and the virtual certainty of keeping shorthaired Shelby warm on winter-night walks.  Or a 9-function **Emergency Crank Radio** to add to my earthquake and brushfire kit.  Or the **No-Crack Lavender Scented Hand** **Cream** which is promised to be non-greasy and quick drying and which might be a replacement for my long-lamented Paquin's (see previous review).      I admire ***Duluth Trading Co.***'s moxie.  First of all, they're located in Belleville, Wisconsin not Duluth, Minnesota as one might suppose.  Second of all, they've hired one or more crackerjack copywriters who keep you laughing and reading on.  And last of all, they back up their products, both quirky and otherwise, with plain old Quality and generally reasonable prices.       See www.duluthtrading.com for the whole kit-n-kaboodle.  For us, it's fabulous fun! 

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