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Ducane Affinity 3100 Natural Gas Grill

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An excellent value for a grill that lasts.


For a long time, I used to buy inexpensive gas grills that would last two or three seasons. I saw the Ducane at a Home & Garden Show and decided enough is enough, and I bought one. I am very glad that I did. That was 11 years ago,and the grill has moved with me from WI to OH to NM and still works great. I have replaced the briquettes just once and will probably need to do that again at the end of this season. I love the amount of space available for cooking. One of my favorite recipes grills two chicken breasts alongside two halved peppers, two halved zucchini, and two portabello mushrooms. I can also warm bread on the grill shelf above the main cooking area. The two tables on the side are also very handy for bringing out platters of food to be cooked as well as seasonings or sauces to be used. This was the best money I have ever spent. Performance It is very easy to control the heat. There is no worry about hot spots. Versatility As you cook your food, you can move it up to the upper rack to keep warm. Or you can wrap bread in foil to warm on the top rack while cooking food below. Ease of Use Turn on the gas, light it, and you are ready to go. Ease of Cleaning When I am finished cooking, I leave the burners on high for about 10 minutes to burn off excess bits of food or grease. Then a steel grill brush finishes the job. Very simple! Durability This grill has lasted me 11 years already and looks to be of good use to me for many more. Design The upper rack for warming and the side tables allow you to do everything at once without multiple trips back to the kitchen.

Jemez Springs, NM


Ducane Affinity 3100 Natural Gas Grill

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