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2-Slice Toasters
Dualit Vario
Dualit Vario 2-Slice Toaster

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Best Toaster Ever


This 2-slice toaster is especially great for bagels and bread. I purchased this toaster as a replacement for my old Kitchen Aid and cannot be happier. The slots are much larger than those of the toaster I owned previously. The fancy feature I really enjoy and fully take advantage of is its defrost setting, because I have never had something like this. In general, I go grocery shopping once a week, and purchase a specific French bread I really like. To make sure the bread does not go bad, I store it the freezer to last for one week. And now comes the beauty of this toaster: the defrost setting for my French bread. This feature makes it so fresh and fluffy, that you would think it was freshly baked. As far as the design goes, I really enjoy the color; I usually like a style that is not cliche and makes my kitchen look unique when I have guests over. To sum up, this toaster is exceptional and extremely useful in every possible way. It is worth every cent.



Uneven toasting but still beautiful!!!


I had coveted this for **many **years before I finally got this. I just always loved the classic look of it and knew that one day I would own one! So I finally did get one and was very excited! However it did not take a whole lot of months of using before one side did not get toasted anymore, and now I end up turning my toast all the times to get it evenly toasted on all sides. I have heard other people with the exact same problems and there seems to be nothing to do about it. Another thing to be aware of is that as you use it when you're making your second batch and the toaster is still hot you will need to use less time because as it heats up it will toast faster. It will also keep making the toast darker if you keep it in the toaster after the dial goes off. I do have to say that it would probably make all the sense in the world to get rid of this and get another toaster , but I still love the look and it's classical style so I will keep this and keep turning!

Basking Ridge, NJ


What a toaster!


This toaster does it all!!  I'm so glad I bought it! Everyone should buy this awesome, silver and extremely useful toaster!!  I've given about six of these to friends and family and they all love this awesome toaster.  It is the shizz!  If I could only have one toaster for the entire remainder of my life, the Dualit toaster - Vario 2 slice toaster would be my choice!

Everett, WA


It Makes the Perfect Toast Everytime!


OK, I never thought I would be writing a review on a toaster, but .....If you want a toaster that makes the perfect toast every time, This is the toster for you. You will never have to buy another toaster after this. You'll Fall in love with it, the first time you sink your teeth into that delicious toast. Mmmmm! I can taste it right now. Anyways, it is the best toaster I have ever bought. And I will probably never buy another one.

Chuckey, TN


Dualit Vario 2-Slice Toaster

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