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Dualit 2-Slice NewGen Toaster 20297

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The Bentley of Toasters


This toaster is pricey but absolutely does the job. Sleek, uncomplicated, functioning perfectly with its unique toaster technology (sheets of mica are heated in order to provide overall toasting of bread slices), this toaster is the last one you'll ever need. The old-school timer is easy to set and tick-tocks away in what will quickly become your favorite sound in the morning. Top-notch quality -- this brand is used by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. It's handmade by craftsmen in England, not by underpaid workers in some horrible sweatshop. That alone makes it worth the extra money, but this toaster is a purchase you won't regret, as it is of heirloom quality and long lasting craftsmanship. Expensive, but worth it. Toasting Evenness Perfect slice with no missing areas of toasting every single time. Safety This item is handmade in Britain and is perfectly safe. Ease of Cleaning There's a pull-out tray at the bottom to catch crumbs. It's easy to clean. The exterior is shiny, solid metal, but simple to keep clean with just a soft, wet cloth. Durability Solid, not made of cheap materials. Will last longer than you do. Design Absolutely beautiful; it looks great perched on your kitchen countertop. This is one appliance you don't want to keep hidden away.



Dualit 2-Slice NewGen Toaster 20297

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