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DuWop Anti-Venom - All Shades

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I love DuWop Anti-Venom Lipstick


I had tried DuWops venom and didn't like it at all. One day I saw anti-venom on sale in a really great shade of red so I figured I'd give it a try. It's now my one of my favorite lipsticks. I love how it goes on and it lasts pretty good. I prefer matte lipstick and this one has a perfect finish.

Colonial Heights, VA


DuWop anti Venom Lipstick is stylish.


Duwops anti venom lipstick is a pretty cool lipstick to try out. I found some at the nordstroms rack near my house, and they were priced at a pretty decent price. I do not think I would purchase at normal price, since they are a bit pricey. The colors they had, well you can see the color on the bottom of the lipstick, which is a clear display. Now I found the color I choose did not clearly match the bottom of the lipstick. The color I chose was a dark rose, and the color I got is a brighter pink! But i learned to love it. The color is sheer, and this is the version of the lipstick that does not plump the lips, hence the anti venom, so it doesnt feel tingly. The lipstick is very moisturizing, and the color is sheer coverage, which means you can wear it in the day time, for a slightly tinted look, also, the lipstick has a nice scent. The scent is not over powering. It is pleasant. I can wear it all day, and the smell is nice. I would repurchase if i found it on sale again,.

Colton, CA


my lips rock!


I DO love them both, though! tingly, hydrating, addictive, delicious tasting, convient and slender packaging  I love to keep these lips of mine shiny, healthy, plump and kissable. I feel that lips are a woman's strongest source of beauty and more eyes are drawn to the lips so I wanted a product that would add severe plumpness and shine to what nature already gave me. Lip Venom 2nd sin tastes like cinnamon, is addictive and adds a healthy shine to my lip.Lip Venom by DuWop is the most delicious tasting and has the most appealing and convenient packaging for travel purposes. This worked for me great for long term plumping, but not so much as an instant plumper but was great on shine. I didn't think I would repurchase this but I just have because it does really work if you use it every night.  I can see my lips are not so great as they could be. Here is what I do plus a comparison to other similar products. very refreshing. 

Schenectady, NY


DuWop Anti-Venom - All Shades

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