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Dryer Max Anti-Static Dryer Balls

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Great product!


I got married almost two years ago now. At one of my showers my mother-in-law bought the Dryer Max Anti Static Dryer Balls for me. I had never heard of them before then. She said that she uses them every time she washes and she said I will never want to dry clothes without them. She was right! I have always spent a lot of money on fabric softner or dryer sheets and she said that I would never need to buy those again. She was right again. I use them everytime I dry something I have never noticed the difference in having softner in my clothes or not. It completly takes away all the static in my clothes (mostly my silk tops) in the winter. It also makes my towels so fluffy. The only negative I can say about them it that they are very noisy. With the balls bouncing around in the dryer it makes it impossible to leave the laundry room's door open while I am drying clothes. But it is worth it by saving so much money on softners!

Columbus, GA


Too noisy


About eight years ago my sister bought these "dryer balls" for me to use in my dryer instead of using dryer sheets. My sister had bought them at the local fair. The dryer balls did remove most of the static, but did not leave a nice smell the my clothes like a dryer sheet does. Another thing that I really hated about the dryer balls were that they made a lot of noise bouncing around in my dryer especially after the clothes began to dry. The more the clothes got dry the more noise the dryer balls made. It was a bit rediculus. Very irratating. The worst thing is when the clothes were just about dry I would run downstairs and take the dryer balls out of the dryer because of the noise, then it seemed if I did that sometimes clothes would have static in them. I would rather play it safe and buy the fabric softner sheets, than to have a noisy dryer because of the dryer balls. Another thing that was a pain was having the dryer balls slip in to a pair of jeans leg, or the sleeve of a shirt, or the 'pocket' of my sheets, or just get stuck in my jogging pants pocket. I could always tell when the dryer balls were stuck in something because the noise was not there anymore. All in all I would rather use a dryer sheet. Dryer sheets are obiviusly more expensive but at least they soften laundry, smell good and do not make noise banging up against the 'walls' of the dryer.

Strykersville, NY


Dryer Max Anti-Static Dryer Balls

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