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Dry Idea
Dry Idea Roll-On - Unscented

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Works better than some


I bought this because it was unscented and I wanted to try something else at the drugstore. I tried mitchium but it seemed this was not working so much. It said unscented but this definitely is NOT. It is powder scented. It is super strong, but it is noticeable and becomes more so when activated by heat. This is why I buy unscented. I did not bother returning it but I do not like that it says it is unscented and it is not. It works alright. I like the roll on. It does dry nice. That is one of the benefits, which I like. There is something in it that doesn't seem to be in other deodorants that makes it dry to a powdery finish. It almost moisturizes just a touch. I wonder what this ingredient is though, these deodorants worry me with what is in them. I bought another version of the unscented Dry Idea but I have not tried it yet so I am curious to see if it is unscented and how it works. I know the ingredients are different. I may try to use the rest of what I have but it is hard because it smells and I end up being quite bothered by the smell of the deodorant more so than if I weren't to have any on at all, but others might disagree :)

East Lansing, MI


Stops the sweat!


Since having kids none of my deodorants were doing what they were supposed to do.I bought all kinds and brands only to have them fall short over and over again. Another brands clinical strength would help with the smell but left me pouring buckets of disgusting sweat. It was enough to leave me embarrassed one day talking to old coworkers and feeling the sweat drip down, YUCK! Other kinds stopped me from perspiring only to have me smell up any where! It was like I couldn't win. I even tried combining the two and still no luck. I found coupons for dry idea and thought it was worth a shot, it couldn't be worse than the stuff I already had. Dry Idea was so much better! Since using it I've had no perspiration even taking walks on hot afternoons has not brought sweat to these arm pits! There is no odor anymore either. I'm so glad to find Dry Idea, it's truely worth any amount you could pay for it!

Greensburg, PA


Gets the job done!


I purchased Dry Idea with a coupon and a sale that made the product free for me.  I had never used it but I figured I would try it because it wasn't costing me anything.  Well, I really like it.  It is a roll on deodorant which I have not used or seen around as much as I did as a teenager.  It went on smooth and dried quickly.  It felt fresh and cool and made me feel covered.  It held up as well as any other deodorant that I have used.  I liked that it was unscented.  The bottle seemed to last a long time and did not dry out.  One small drawback was that as the product became lower inside, I had to shake it upside down and kind of hold it upside dowon as I put it on, in order to get the product out.  I began just storing it upside down and that helped the situation.  Overall, I would recommend this product for perspiration.  It did the job and I felt fresh throughout the day.  The price was also reasonable for the type of product that it is. 

Perry, KS


Dry Idea Unscented Anit-Perspirant & Deodorant is So-So for Me


I've been using **Dry Idea unscented roll-on anti-perspirant and deodorant** for about 20 years, but I'm thinking of trying to other brands because the cost seems really high to me and it seems like it doesn't work as well as it used to work for me. **My Experience & Thoughts About Dry Idea:** Dry Idea easy to find in stores--sometimes it's hard to find unscented versions of products, but I've seen the unscented Dry Idea in quite a few retail stores. I'd like to see this in a larger size for a more economical price. It dries feeling clean and fresh. I've tried some roll-ons that felt sticky--yuck! However, if it isn't completely dry before dressing, it can leave white marks on clothing. I really like that it is unscented. It doesn't cause me to have breathing problems and doesn't break out my skin like some other scented ones do. I have lots of allergies and work part-time as a cancer nurse, so it's important to me to have skin care products that are hypoallergenic and that don't have strong odors. I teach exercise classes and either sweat more than I used to or this product doesn't seem to work as well as it did years before, but it usually works fairly well unless I'm really putting it to the test with yard work or a cardio aerobics-type class. **My Viewpoint:** **Dry Idea Unscented Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant** is a roll-on that does tend to control odors and wetness, but I seem to sweat more than I used to. I guess you aren't supposed to smell like roses after a tough kickboxing class, but it would be nice. I like that it's unscented because it doesn't bother my allergies, my skin, or my asthma, but I'm thinking of trying some less expensive brands to save money and to see if there's anything out there that works better for keeping me dry during strenuous exercise.

Piedmont, NC


Best ! on the market


I hate to sweat and I sure dont want to have a bad smell, I've tried them all and been disappointed by most deorderants /anti-perspirants except Dry Idea its wonderful ! I can be confident no matter how hot or sweaty I get (no odor)

Nebo, NC


dry idea its the driest idea i've had in a long time


Dry idea in any formula  is the best deodorant/ antiperspirant i have used in the thirty nine years i have been on this wonderful earth. Yes that's right thirty nine years old and i have used dry idea for at least 20 of those years. Now in that time i have tried others when my favorite Dry Idea was not available and it only took a day to remind me why i use Dry Idea. The formula the scientists have invented in their wonderful laboratories right here in the United States of America the formula is such that the antiperspirant/ deodorant seems to apply dry to your underarm area i have worn Dry idea was my little black dress and honestly if i wait five minutes after applying my deodorant/ antiperspirant and flap my arms wildly before slipping into my dark clothes or that little black dress i find that i do not have white streaks or flakes tossing about all evening and on top of everything else Dry Idea is available in two scents fresh scented and unscented

Birmingham, AL


The one product you're unlikely to play around with, but I did.


I know from research in advertising that deodorant is one of those products where most folks find one that works and stick with it. It's not so bad to serve not-so-great lima beans, but it is a real bummer to break a sweat and have underarm rings and odor. I was very active in high school, and I tired several anti-perspirants/deodorants. The difference there is that the anti-perspirant stops the sweats while the deodorants stop the smell. As with I think most of the population, I was looking for both. I found that Dry Idea worked great. I did not care much for any of the scented ones, but the unscented but perfect. I even had my mom mail this product overseas when I could not get it in Greece and Japan. I was THAT loyal. Over the last couple of years, I've noticed that Dry Idea really is not what it once was. They increased the bottle size, and I do have to wonder if they just watered it down and said it had bonus "extra" content. The ones that say 25% more for free are especially not-so-great. Now, even the ones that don't note that really don't cut it. All these years I've paid more for Dry Idea. It's worth it for a anti-perspirant that I know I can trust. It's definately not when it lets me down which it has lately. It may be a change in my body chemistry. I'd like to think that. It's really hard to let go of a product that has been in my life for 27 years. I've been trying some other products lately. Secret is pretty good. It doesn't work as well as what I think of as my old Dry Idea. But, I don't think that product is around now. I'm saving money at least. Dry Idea was high. It was worth it when I knew I could trust it. I don't know, so I'll keep looking until I find another one that I feel real confident about.

southern, NC


Dry Idea Roll-On - Unscented

3.9 7