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Dry Idea
Dry Idea Roll-On - Powder Fresh

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Definitely better deodorants out there


This isn't a completely ineffective deodorant, but it's definitely not my favorite. It feels extremely cold and wet when first applied to the skin, which is uncomfortable. It does take a bit to dry so you have to wait before putting clothes on. After it has dried it's decent at keeping you smelling and feeling clean throughout the day. It just seems messier than other deodorant options and doesn't work any better.



This Dry Idea was someone's Good Dry Idea!


When I was younger, I use to use the sprays then sticks. The sticks were suppose to be the new way to go. They just always felt tacky to me. For some reason I picked up **Dry Idea** and have been using it pretty much ever since. I've tried a couple other brands and they may sway me here soon. I still like the feeling and control of dryness and odor protection this provides. The** Dry Idea Powder Fresh** seems to be my favorite one, at times when they are out of this, I'll pick up the unscented, as the powder fresh is not overpowering, to me a powder feel. But it does have a nice very light scent to it. And if you have read any other of my reviews I'm all about sales and coupons, only way to go. Even this is starting to become expensive. It would be nice if more deodorants got away from using aluminum, and head to more natural. My one doctor explained why it's there, and it is the wetness protection it gives. The other deodorant I reviewed is also a good choice which I was surprised, I thought this was the only one I would prefer, and still do for the most part. Old habits are hard to break at times. Another plus is I see they are part of the Breast Cancer Network of Strength!

Somewhere in Time, MI


Dry Idea Powder Fresh works as good as any other deodorant


Dry Idea was on sale for 99 cents, in our local drugstore, and then I got it back in coupons.  For free, I will take any product. It is a basic roll on anti-perspirant & deodorant, with no frills.  The bottle is white and very plain.  Upon unscrewing the cap, you can see the ball of the roll- on.   I just put it up to my underarms and rolled it three or four times, so it covered all the area.  I loved the powder fresh smell. I checked under my arms a few minutes later and I felt wet there.  The tips of my fingers were wet, but within a few seconds of them touching the area, my fingers were totally dry, and had a silky feeling to them.  I left the deodorant for 15 minutes and felt under my arms again, and I still had a little wetness there.  Again the tips of my fingers dried to a soft silkiness.  My under arm area did indeed dry, and felt silky soft.On their website it states:This formula put 'dry' into Dry Idea.  It contains no water for a drier application, and it is time released for longer lasting protection and fragrance." My underarms were fine all day, and I enjoyed the smell, from the deodorant.  I had an active day and at bedtime, I was still dry and odor free. This deodorant does not leave white marks, like some other deodorants do, so I am very pleased with it.  I have been using it for a month now.

New Port Richey, FL


Dry Idea Roll-On - Powder Fresh

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