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Drs. Foster and Smith
Drs. Foster and Smith Joint Care 1 Plus Chews

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One Super Terrific Product!!!


I Never Thought It Would Work!!! It is like our little miracle! Quality of Ingredients This product by Drs. Foster and Smith mirrors the fancy name brand - you know - you have likely seen the TV commercial. The ingredients match but the cost is much less. Side Effects Our dog is about 35 pounds and she is 14.5 years old. She loves these. They are soft and chewable. She looks forward to her extra little treat. We give her one with her morning meal and one with her evening meal. She has taken them for about 2-1/2 months. We started seeing results after about a month. It has been over a year since she jumped into the car unassisted or climbed the stairs to our bonus room. She still has a small amount of trouble with the car, but still is much improved. I have 2 friends who use them and have had similar results. They have used them for a longer time then I have. They have decreased the dosage to one a day with no problems. I highly recommend this product. Drs Foster and Smith online have been around for a long time. I have been ordering from them since the 1980's with no problems.



Drs. Foster and Smith Joint Care 1 Plus Chews

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