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Very user friendly!


For being a FREE site it allows you alot of freedom, it allows others to come in and comment on the pictures. It also keeps your pictures in order of when they were taken and not when they were uploaded onto the site. And to me that really is a great feature. Being a military spouses and being stationed away from my family and having a baby, I sometimes forget to upload pictures in a timely manner, but with Dropshots our family never misses those moments of my forgetfullness. I truely LOVE Dropshots and I tell everyone about it. I know alot of Military spouses have started using it, because of there great service. World of mouth goes along way on a GREAT product! 

Pueblo, CO


No photos - no help.


I went to Dropshots to view Christmas photos that a friend said he had put there.  No photos on the linked page...  no explanation.  I click on "help" and I get an error page regarding something that is not my problem but theirs.    Needs work.  Oh, and there's no traditional "contact us" so that I can provide the feedback directly.  Weak.

Kihei, HI


Dropshots.com has keep our family together.


There is no other site that is easier, more user friendly and more GUEST friendly. I have tried them all and strongly disliked the sites that forced my family and friends to give out info, email, and a password in order to view my site. I love the ease of uploading, the video feature and the conversation and commenting aspect. No "building" a page, really WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT. My family is all on the other coast but they feel so connected because we can share first steps, first words, christmas morning.......all with a click and drag on the computer. I love DROPSHOTS and tell everyone about it. I have several family members on my Dropshots list and when they upload something new...my dropbox automatically tells me. GREAT GREAT GREAT

San Diego, CA



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