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Memory Foam Mattresses
DriftAwayMattress.com Chestnut Memory Foam Mattress

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A mattress that is afforable and comfortable.


I like the bed. We have had it for over two weeks and like it more and more each day. Overall I think it is a great price for what you actual receive. This bed seems to be made of good quality. Comfort The mattress is very comfortable. I've had it now more than two weeks and think I like it more and more. My husband loves it. He said every morning he was waking up with back pain before we got this mattress and now he says when he get up in the morning, his back has no pain. Support I think for me I feel like I am sinking in just enough but not to much. The mattress is not super firm and I think that what i am starting to like about it. Firmness The bed is not super firm. I think the fact that the mattress is not very firm makes it comfortable for me. Durability I would assume not knowing much about mattress, that this is durable. In over two weeks we haven't had a problem. Not sure if that is enough to make a clear judgement on it.



DriftAwayMattress.com Chestnut Memory Foam Mattress

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