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Dressmaker sewing machine

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my sewing machine is very good when it is working/


i realy love my sewing machine,but it is needing repairs since 2005,i took it to a repair shop in cookeville tn.just to have it have a general tune up and when it came back the bobbin theader no longer worked and the sewing machine also was having problems. i m not sure whats wrong with it it keeps breaking the thread.i am having a problem getting bobbins and needles made just for my brand sewing machine. i realy love this machine and dont want to buy a new one .when i lived where i had a proper repair shop i didnt have any broblems with it.i now live in clearwater ,fl.i would love to know if there is a reputal repair and parts store in this area.i have had to relie on my old stand by singer sewing machine to these pas few years.but i have hauled my favorit  one around with me for all of this time. well that about it .

Clearwater, FL


Dressmaker sewing machine

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