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Dreadheadhq DreadheadHQ Dreadlock Soap

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Dreadheadhq helps dreads really does make dreads mature.


I have only used dreadheadhq for my immature dreads for the past 8 months, I have not tried other residue-free shampoos but I am very happy with dreadheadhq. My dreadlocks instantly feel tighter when i step out of the shower. The ingredients in the shampoo are designated to tighten up your locks while leaving no residue behind! which is the best thing for dreadlocks because other shampoos leave a residue which may cause fungus to form after a long time in your dreads. This shampoo clears out all things that dont belong in your dreads like any bugs, lint, wax, dirt. The soap is made by people at this great very helpful and informative website (google dreadheadhq). This product is not tested on animals and does not use any animal based ingredients. The bottle can last from 1-3 months depending on how much you wash your dreads. I can definetly say from personal experience that dreadheadhq's shampoo has sped up my dreadlock maturing process. Generally dreads take from a year to 2 years to mature i have only had mine for 8 months and they look like i ahve had them for years!

Reseda, CA


Dreadheadhq DreadheadHQ Dreadlock Soap

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