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Dramamine generic Driminate (dimenhydrinate)

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Really a great product!


Dimenhydrinate is a wonderful product.  I have been using it at least a couple of times a day for the last 4-5 days.  I am having an auto immune flare, and so all my problems are increased right now.  This means I need my medication all the more, but one of my biggest problems right now is that I am so nauseous, it is hard to eat, or take my meds.  Missing meds makes my condition worse, so I take this when I take my meds, and it counteracts the nausea that the other medicines, or my condition causes.  It also allows me to eat a little bit.  When I have dizziness from congestion, it is also good to use then.  I like this much better than meclizine, which is the actual med in the less drowsy dramamine; mainly because this I can take more often in a day, whereas the meclizine I can only take once, which really leaves me to suffer for a long part of the day.  Brand name dramamine is incredibly expensive, but this generic is very affordable.

Wichita Falls, TX


Generic Dramamine works just as effective as brand.


At about 30% less than the cost of brand name Dramamine, Driminate (manufactured by Major Pharmaceuticals) is just as effective.  My girlfriend has tried both on different vacations, to help with motion sickness in planes and boats.  While nothing helps her severe nausea in rocky waters (and by nothing, I mean *nothing*), she finds that Dramamine and its generic helps with her mild nausea on airplane and bus rides. The main side effect she experiences is drowsiness, but to her, sometimes drowsiness is good.  It helps knock her out so she doesn't feel sick (on rocky waters).  Other side effects include dry mouth and possible added nausea (which always amuses me as all medications used for nausea might "cause" nausea) but my girlfriend experienced neither.  The drowsiness lasts about several hours, enough to help her sleep the ride away, but doesn't cause her to be groggy afterward. For the price, we recommend generic dimenhydrinate to combat mild nausea.

Alameda, CA


Dramamine generic Driminate (dimenhydrinate)

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