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Dr. Weil Vitamin D Micro Tabs 1000 IU 100 Tablets

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Many of us are missing this important Vitamin in our diets


I am a huge fan of Dr. Weil's vitamins. Earlier this year my Dr. determined that I needed to increase my intake of Vitamin D. Reading all that the medical establishment is attributing to low levels of Vitamin D in ones system, I decided that this was medical advice that I would follow. I needed to supplement my diet with 2000 IU per day. The first supplement I took was 400 IU per day. While I do not have problems swallowing pills, I soon grew wary of taking 5 additional pills, plus other vitamins and supplements.  Dr. Weil to the rescue!  These Vitamin D pills are tiny, think child sized aspirin, coated (very smooth) and have a pleasant taste if one is running from the medicine cabinet to the sink with the pills in their mouth because their water cup is empty. Although I ultimately had to take a revise my supplement selection, and take my Vitamin D in a mega dose once a week, when I can go back to over the counter dosage, I will gladly resume taking these pills.

Portage, MI


Dr. Weil helps us get the Vitamin D most of us are missing.


I am a long-time follower of Dr. Andrew Weil, and have used his brand of Multivitamin for years.  However, it was until recently that I branched out into his other vitamins, and I have to say, I'm impressed. This Vitamin D microtab is, in particular, pretty amazing.  It has a pleasant, subtle taste going down.  And in a world where many don't take vitamins because of their generally large size, this pill has, if anything, the opposite problem - it's so small and unnoticeable, you have to be careful - if you drop it, you might never find it!  It truly is a MICROtab! Vitamin D is a key nutrient for our bodies, and many people, Americans in particular, aren't receiving sufficient levels from their diet.  That's where supplements like this come in.  And this is a great supplement.  Within a few weeks of regular usage, I could feel the benefits.  I've recommended Andrew Weil's line of vitamins to many friends, and everyone who's tried them agreed that they're among the best.  If you're looking for a Vitamin D supplement, this is it!

Orlando, FL


Dr. Weil Vitamin D Micro Tabs 1000 IU 100 Tablets

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